Top 5 Tips to Have Personal Magnetism for Influencing People

Being humans, we are not always satisfied with the way we think and believe. We always need others to agree with what we think and do. Doing this increases our self-confidence and we gather a lot of self-esteem. Thus, we need to influence people into thinking the way we think, and acting the way we act. If you are genuine in what you are doing, and if you have logic in what you are saying, influencing people becomes a very easy task. People will listen to you, and take your word for it, if and only if they believe you and can trust you. For this, the character you present in front of the person you are trying to influence should be brimming with confidence. Confident people will have very charismatic personalities and can easily draw people towards themselves. This quality of a person who has the capability of attracting people is known as Personal Magnetism. A very important quality I must say, because people having this quality are respected by one and all. People try to emulate them and go to the extent of worshipping them as their idols! So, if you want to have Personal Magnetism, I would suggest you go through some points I would like to put forward. These 5 tips will give you a basic idea as to what you need to do to develop this quality in you.


  1. The first thing you need to do is be confident about what you are doing. Always remember, if you are confident, only then can people be confident in what you say. This is the basic rule you need to follow for influencing people. You will always be able to draw people towards yourself if people can trust you and believe you.


  1. Secondly, you must not treat the people you are meeting as strangers. Treating them as outsiders will create a huge gap in the relationship you will be sharing with them. If you treat them as your friends, there will be sense of comfort between the two of you. However, I am not asking you to treat them as equals, because then you will not be respected.


  1. The third thing you must be aware of is the way you carry yourself. Your body language determines a lot about the type of person you are. Dressing up clumsily, standing in a bad posture, looking very lethargic are all negative influences on the person. You must always be very presentable and active when you talk, otherwise the person listening to you will not take you seriously!


  1. Another thing you must pay attention to is the way you talk. Your tone should not be a very commanding one, and neither should it be a very casual one. It should strike a good balance between the two. You must always maintain eye contact with the listener, but not so much that it gives an impression that you are staring! A good eye contact means that you are very confident.


  1. Finally, you must always look out for other people. Whenever they need any help with some problem they are facing, always be there to help them out. Also, make it a point to try and learn the names of the people you talk to. Addressing them later on by their names adds the comfort factor, and the person you are talking to will also have a good impression about you.


Follow these 5 tips and you will be able to see yourself at a place where you are respected and loved. Your magnetic personality will draw many people towards you and influencing them will be a cakewalk!