Influencing techniques for effective sales closing

Sales closing is a word you must have heard numerous times from sales persons, businessmen and marketing people. Have you wondered often what it actually means? Closing a sale refers to an activity undertaken by the sales person to finalize the sale of his product. It implies that he and the buyer have reached an agreement and he has successfully sold a product.

It is an integral part of selling because it determines how much sales turnover will be for a company and also whether a buyer will finally buy the product or not. There are various methods in which you can influence the sales to bring in effective closure. Some of such techniques that you can probably use are –

Persuasion: Persuasion is one of the most effective techniques. By persuasion, you should not get the idea of constantly calling up the buyer and trying to talk to him about your product. It simply means that you try to identify the specific need of the customer. Once you do that you will be in a better position to clarify the features of the product which will meet the requirement of the customer. Then provide the customer with all the information and there should be no ambiguity. This will help him to take faster and better decisions. Follow up at regular intervals to show that you are ready to cater to him.

Freebies: Freebies is one of the most popular incentive techniques used by sales persons to get the effective sales closing. It works as a bonus or an added incentive when the customer makes a choice. Offer attractive and useful free items along with the product to get the deal. It will also help to promote business. For example, products are given to customers in bags which have logo and name of the company printed on it. The customer can actually use the bag at various occasions and it will also make others aware of your business.

Discounts: There are a lot of people who are not interested in freebies. It may be because they do not like the free gift you are offering. In such cases, cash discounts work as wonders. People can readily identify with paying less for a product. It is a mindset at work where people always try to save more. It is their sense of accomplishment that you must work on for your benefit. If you find that a customer is willing to buy a product but cannot afford it, give a little discount and strike the deal.

Flexible payment terms: Many times the customer really needs the product, but is going through a crunch time. He does not have enough money to buy the product at this moment. He expresses a willingness to purchase and hints at a stable source of income in future. Then you can close the sale if you offer him flexible payment terms. You can ask him to down payment a part of the price for now and to pay the rest of the amount in equal monthly installments. It is actually a good bargain for the customer because he does not pill the pinch in his pocket.