Master the art of mind power to influence people

Mind has a power like none other. Using this power to create an influence on the other person requires both skill and practice. The ability to create an impact on the mind of another person will require influencing skills along with good communication skills and understanding.

The manner in which it can create an impact can be understood through the various aspects that get affected in this process. Some of these have been discussed in the following paragraphs:

Personal ability: The ability of the person trying to create an impact is of prime importance. He should be confident and open minded person who can acknowledge perspectives even when they tend to differ from his. He should be able to present himself with confidence such that people like him. His appearance reflects him and creates an impression on the mind of the people on the first look. Therefore, importance and care should be given by him on his own appearance.

Trust: The trust is the key to influence. If you cannot create a zone comfortable enough for people to open up, your will not succeed. Therefore, it is significant that you learn to understand others. If you get to know the likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, merits and demerits, it will help you to understand the person better.  Simultaneously, it will enlighten you on the manner to approach the person and agree to his viewpoints.  Observing the way the person talks, the words he uses and using the same techniques in your speech helps to connect the mind as the other person gets a feeling of you being on his side. It is then easier for the person to accept your arguments as he feels the argument to be his also. The communication process, its feedback and the charm of the person can create an instant link and helps to establish the mutual trust.

Persuasiveness: The skill to be able to influence someone involves accomplished ability of persuasion skills. Emotionalizing people has great effect on them people give more attention to feelings. When you are trying to make a person agree to your views, cite relevant examples to which the person can relate. It stimulates their imaginative power and they can better understand the consequences of their positions and acts. Such examples act as assurance to people.

Positivity: People want to know how something can actually benefit them. When you are trying to influence someone, put yourself in their shoes and think from their perspective. This will actually help to see their requirements better.  Subsequently it will be easier for you to showcase the positive aspects of the things or arguments to which the people can identify with.  If you can strike the nail on the head by understanding the likes and dislikes of the people, nothing can actually stop you from achieving your goal.

No matter which method you adopt, the real objective is to create an impression on the sub-consciousness mind of the person such that it does not vanishes the moment you turn around.

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