Persuasion and Influence Lesson in a Grocery Store

In your daily life, you meet many people. Some of them may be such that you will meet once in lifetime and some whom you will meet every day. You can meet them in at your home or office or café and even in the grocery store.

As you converse with them, you will find yourself influencing them in some way or the other. Most of the times it is in the form of advice and many people seem to take it up. It is not a conscious effort you put rather a subtle impact that you create on the other person. This practice is most prevalent in grocery stores.

In grocery stores, you generally encounter various situations and fail to recognize as a part of influencing skill.  If you have ever come across suggesting people any particular product and have found them changing their brand and taking up your advice, then be assured that you have successfully used your influencing skill. However, if you come to think of it, it might have been that sometimes you were at the receiving end. It implies that you may have followed the advice of some other person and have been influenced.

This influencing skill entirely rests on your own abilities. Some of these can be developed and some of them are natural to people. In the following paragraphs, we try to discuss some of such skills and their effect on others.

Personality: The personality of a person is of great significance. Consider yourself as the influencer, and then you will realize the importance of this factor. People will be willing to talk to you and meet you only if they like you at the first sight. Hence, the first impression you create for yourself in of utmost importance. Therefore, take care of how you are presenting yourself. You should be able to bring out your best features at all time be it a meeting or a grocery store. Only when people like you and are comfortable with your appearance and reflection they will be talk to you. It is important that you stay well groomed and it includes the clothes you wear and the way you conduct yourself.

Behavior: Though behavior and attitudes are part of your personality, yet it requires an additional mention. You should be polite, well mannered, humble and adjusting for people to like you. Some people are naturally likeable and can connect with others in minutes, whereas there are some who cannot. You will have to be conscious as how you present yourself because it will be the same manner in which people perceive you.

Knowledge: Whenever you are suggesting something to anyone at a grocery store, know what exactly you are suggesting. Your knowledge and experience goes a long way in building the confidence of the other person. Initially build a rapport as you begin talking; quietly observe the choices made by the other person and then go ahead to suggest your choice with complete faith in you. You will find that most of times, the other person will actually agree to your suggestion and take up the things that you suggested.  Observation is important because it helps to understand the choice and need of the other person.

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