Self hypnosis – a great self development tool

Most people have different views and fantasies about hypnosis. While most think it can control your mind and the other person can make you a slave, it is extremely uncalled for. Hypnosis is a very fascinating subject. It may seem interesting to you when you see it as a tool of influence.

It is actually a simple technique or rather a scientific process, in which the mind is influenced. It can help a person in many ways like if you are trying to quit a habit like smoking or willing to improve your self-confidence. It is a procedure that can be used for the objective of self development. It helps to remove hindrances that block the path to success and achievement.

The success of self hypnosis depends on the concentration level and keenness of the person. You must be open – minded to accept the changes before learning to apply them. The process of initiation will begin with the acknowledgement of the willingness to change. There are various things whose knowledge can help in the process of self development. In the following paragraphs, we discuss some of such aspects.

Effect: when you are in the state of hypnosis, you are not sleeping as you may have the notion. You are actually in a very relaxed state of mind. The difference between sleep and this relaxation is that even when you are relaxed, you do not fall asleep rather your mind is extremely alert. It is also seen when you are meditating and the sense of awareness if hyper active. This is a unique state when the mind is engrossed into something and looses the awareness of the presence of the surroundings more like when you are reading a book or watching a movie. The focus and the relaxed condition of the mind are of prime importance.

Visualization:  Self hypnosis works incredibly well with the help of visualization. The ability to visualize something that you want but is not happening requires a lot of mental strength and confidence. It not only helps in realizing dreams but also to relax. If you are really tired and want to relax even when you know you have to keep working, try this. Imagine a blue, big, wide ocean wave slowly washing you from your head to your feet. Concentrate and feel the wave gently passing through each of the body parts. By the time the wave ends, it will leave you relaxed. It is a trance that you develop yourself where you can actually feel the effect readily. It needs your concentration power and faith to succeed. Initially, it may seem difficult but with a little practice, the result is inevitable.

Mind: The real impression that is created in the mind is at the subconscious level. The mind absorbs the energy of the words and it gets reflected through your action and behavior.  The knowledge of limitless possibilities and the ability to use them is controlled by the mind. Hypnosis enhances this control of the mind and helps to direct the nerves to work accordingly.

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