Speech to Influence People – Essentials of a Good Speech

Influencing people has nowadays become the aim of many organizations. It is no longer limited to politics and long speeches given by people campaigning for their own parties. The concept of influencing people has now further extended into marketing and business organizations as well. People now realize that unless they can convince, there is no other way to win the common man’s confidence and trust. A good speech thrown by a good orator will undoubtedly have more influence on the people than a not-so-good speech read out by an ordinary person. The main factor which governs influence is persuasion. A speech which has the quality to persuade people into doing something is bound to be very successful in influencing the common crowd. A good and influencing speech should have the following characteristics:

  1. Brevity – The speech should not be unnecessarily long. A long speech will tend to bore the audience and will eventually not have a proper impact on any of them. The speech should be concise and influencing at the same time. Results have actually pointed out that a small speech is a good speech – the thing that matters is the content.
  2. Content – Since the main aim of the speech will be to influence people, a lot of attention has to be paid on the content. The speech should be logical and it should be written in lucid style that it is easily understood by the crowd. Care should be taken to see that the jargon used should be familiar and popular among the people. People will best understand and identify with terms they usually hear and use. This is how popularity of an orator increases and influencing people becomes an easier task.
  3. General style of the speech – Since the speech will be used for influencing people, it should be motivational and there should be a touch of positive elements throughout the entire speech. The speech should sound personal and worthy of trust. It should be different, and at the same time, powerful enough to grasp the attention of the audience. Humor can also be used as a tool sometimes.
  4. A good orator – It is not enough just to have the best speech written out. A big factor which governs the extent of influence is the person who is delivering the speech. The orator should be confident, and the speech should be delivered with a lot of conviction.

Thus, an influencing speech is required to gain the trust of people and make them think the way you do – in others words, influence them. With increasing competition in the market, important dignitaries deliver awe-inspiring speeches in order to lure more customers. Politicians start off with their speeches and campaigning for their respective parties’ days before the elections. With more people, you have more power. So, influencing people has become the prime objective of many an organization. It is the age of severe competition – the one with the most influencing speech should take away the big prize!