The power of influence for successful insurance sales

Insurance sale is a field of business where the work begins with the word ‘influence’. The way you are perceived by the other person actually determines the extent of influence that you can exercise on that person.

The business in which ensuring your credibility is essential, you should be keep in mind that absolutely everything counts. To understand the power of influence that can help you in meeting the sales targets, it is useful to understand the different factors that help the influencing phenomenon. Taking care of these factors and a proactive role in contributing to them can lead you to establish a successful insurance business. In the following paragraphs, we try to understand some of these aspects.

Appearance: ‘The first impression is the last impressions’ is a proverb that you must have come across millions of time. It takes a person approximately thirty seconds to make a judgment as whether he likes you or not. It sticks to them even if the perception can change with repetitive interactions and time. But what if he does not like you and you do not have another chance to meet that person, and then the opportunity to work with him to make a successful sale is gone right from the first moment. Hence everything counts be it your clothes, accessories, dressing style, or grooming down to your hair style. It is a personal statement that reflects you. Therefore, you should take care your appearance so that the image perceive by others is that of a true you.

Communication skills: Communication plays a major role in marketing. It is the only way to change someone’s mind and make him agree with your views. The ability to communicate impacts the subconscious mind directly. The words you choose should be such that makes the listener convinced and projects that it is his idea that you are talking of. You will have to understand their thinking path and empathize with their views and make them comfortable. You will have to be a natural and subtly influence their behavior and actions. It will make them agree with you but without any resistance.

Friendship: One of the best ways to influence people is to become friends with them and this will help you gain their trust. A friendship, a mutual trust and respect will go a long way in becoming successful in the business. Keep your words and establish your credibility through your work. If you understand that there is something that is actually bothering them and it is in your capacity to help them, then go the extra mile to do so. It will help you influence them in an indirect way. People are more likely to return favors when they get one, so the advantage will be on your side.

Apart from the mentioned aspects, the other things that can help you influence others and make a successful insurance sales is if you stay honest even when you are making sales and cater to the need of the person. If you provide them with wrong information to get a closure for that moment, then you will lose a long term relationship and connections to more prospective clients.

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