Role of Manager in Self Development

Self development is a personal attribute. It is the capability of a human being to better himself at every stage of life. The inspiration for self development, besides coming from self motivation can also be derived from external sources and beings. For an employee to continually develop his skills a lot of factors play a crucial role. These factors can be his work environment, co-workers and most importantly the manager under whose guidance the employee works.

The role of a good manager include leadership, he knows how to divide the work among team, how to manage team well to get key deliverables in time, keep the team motivated, co-ordinate and manage things within the team mates and motivates the team to have a constant urge on developing their skills.

Consider that you are a part of an organization which is good and always motivates the employees who perform well. You have an excellent work environment and very good co-workers who are always ready to help and cooperate. The manager who you had been working under has just retired and has been replaced by a new manager who is young and dynamic and wants to prove himself as a good manager to the board. Unfortunately, he forgets a very important link in his work methodology that is that is required by him to get good work out of his team. All he remembers in his hurry to grow big is to pressurize his fellow workers in meeting the targets. He forgets that his job besides reporting the targets to his seniors is also to maintain a good team spirit, keep his team happy and motivate his employees to develop their skills and acquire new skills that will be required for the team to grow and perform well.

Even though a manager does not play any direct role in self development of any employee, his role is still inevitable. A good manager will always be a guide and mentor for his employees. He works as a role model for the team. Setting up great examples before the team is in itself a huge way of motivating them to acquire certain skills that the manger himself possesses.

A manager should be able to stimulate a positive response from the workers. He should practice his reward power and expert power depending on the situation. This will help him in rewarding his team whenever they perform well or exhibit extraordinary skills to accomplish the targets. His expert power will assist him in guiding his team towards a progressive path.

A team working under a good manger realizes the value of self development. The team members are always self motivated to upgrade themselves for the growing competition. They will be able to have a better picture of the qualities they need to imbibe to be able to work above the expectations. This positive attitude within the team will be beneficial for the employee himself, the manager and for the company on the whole. A good manager will be able to mentor the employees whenever need be. He can support them by providing their self-development exercise the right direction. He can also act as a friend who can be working in close association with an employee to learn a few skills if need be.