Self Development Goals

Every time you begin with a job, you need to have a strategy to accomplish it. A strategy is important because it will not only tell you what to do, it will also tell you how to do, when to do and till what extent. Each of these aspects is an important determinant in your personal development plan as well.

To have a sound self development plan, it is important to have a sound strategy that works for you. The most important of all these is to ascertain the goals that this strategy is going to lead you to.

Be clear in specifying your goals. List down a particular goal you wish to reach. For e.g. loosing ten kilograms of your body weight.

Break down your long term goal into short term achievable targets. This will make the task much more comfortable. Also, since you will be able to have and assess the results at regular intervals, you will feel motivated in continuing your effort.

Fix up practical timelines for each of your short term goal. If you intend to loose ten kilos in a month, break it into shorter goals for loosing around two kilos per week. A specified deadline in important to monitor the progress or else the task may seen never ending.

Consult an expert or a mentor in working out a plan for you to reach those goals. For e.g. what kind of diet and exercise should you follow every day of the week for the next one month to be able to cut down ten kilos off your weight.

At regular intervals, monitor your progress. If you are unable to loose the targeted two kilos for the week, re-evaluate your diet and fitness regime. Re-assess for any alteration that may be required as diet and regimes work differently depending on the body type. But be particular to do this or else you will loose a lot of time and effort.

Be motivated to achieve your personal development goals. The most important rule of self development is to develop self, i.e., to take complete responsibility of your growth strategy. It therefore becomes crucial for an individual in the self development mode to stay consistently motivated towards the goal. The obsession should not fade away.

Another important thing to be kept in mind while defining the goals it to set practically achievable targets and legible dead lines. Remember, you are a human being and have certain limitations. In a hurry to reach your goal you may want to keep shorter deadlines for certain targets. But the entire exercise will leave you de-motivated as at the end of the time frame you will realize that the target could not be achieved. Therefore, be wise and make sensible choices. It is all ultimately about your personality, growth and development as a human being. Be patient and have perseverance. You will find that nothing is unachievable given that the targets are right and the strategy appropriate to meet those targets. Self development tools can guide you to be the person you always wanted to be.