Self Development Methods

The methods for self development can be numerous and varied depending upon the nature of development you are working towards. The method for an individual should be chosen wisely. It is a vital determinant for the level of skill that has to be imbibed.

Identifying the problems that you have been facing can be an interesting method. This method revolves around realizing the problems that you have been facing in your manner of working. You are an excellent writer but find the idea of typing the article on a type writer cumbersome but you do not know how to use a computer which will enable you to carry out comfortable typing and flexible editing. Here you have identified your problem as not knowing how to use a computer. If you realize the seriousness of this problem, you will take immediate and determined action towards solving this.

Another method can be identifying a goal you wish to achieve. If you are clear about the level you have to reach in a certain determined time frame, you will be able to clearly specify the skills and values that you will require to accomplish your aim. Say you wish to be promoted from a manger’s position to a senior manager, you should be able to understand the qualities and skills that you will require to reach that position, maintain that position and to grow in that position.

strong motivation towards a target can also be a possible method. The motivation can be derived through any means or sense but it ultimately assists you towards your final target. It provides you with a sense of determination to move forward. You possess a strong motivation to have a healthy life. You will be automatically driven towards constantly evaluating and improvising your health regime for self development.

strong obsession towards an aim is also a driving force. If you have a constant obsession for a particular task, you will always be on the look out to move a step ahead every time you reach a stage. Take for instance that you have a passion for solving the crossword. It is an excellent exercise that considerably improves ones vocabulary. Once you have been solving simple crosswords for some time now, you will feel an urge to develop your skills to reach a level further, i.e., solve even more complex crosswords.

The idea of a challenge can also lead one on the path of self development. If you are a person who is constantly on the look out for a challenge to motivate you to progress further, this is an optimum medium for you to take learning each skill as a challenge and prove yourself. This method also involves the fact that one should always be ready to experiment and have a learners attitude.

The choice of method can vary depending on individual nature as well. However, the steps involved will be common in all; firstly to identify a goal, list down the skills required for reaching that goal and then working religiously to reach your target ensuring that the entire cycle is completed within the specified time.