Self Growth and Morals

Morals are not the only way to learn and maintain self growth in an individual but they definitely are one of the best ways to do this. Here is an article based on how morals form a significant part of self growth.

So, how does one get to know about the morals and how does one use them? Read further to know more.

Let us first understand the importance of morals. A person who wears morals on his sleeves appears more confident and powerful than anyone else in the room. Why? Because such a person would has a clear conscious. A person with a clear conscious is much more confident because he knows he has done nothing wrong and hence is a good person. Being a good person makes you feel good about yourself. It is about taking pride in one`s faith and principles. The pride factor is directly proportional to the amount of self esteem and self confidence that a person would carry.


There are two ways of knowing about the morals. One way is to know about the stories that are based on the morals and second is to know about people who have practiced morals during their life.

Another reason of learning morals through story is that you tend to understand the importance of morals. But then again, the choice of story is critical.


Stories could be read or listened to. More than what moral the story supports, the content of the story is more important. It has to be impressive and influential. One needs to be careful what stories to choose to narrate and read. You could be a parent who does not have much time to narrate or read out stories to your child and so is looking for a book that could be gifted. Or, you could be one such person looking for some content to strengthen your argument or presentation.

Whatever be the reason, you have to be sure that the story that is chosen is powerful enough. It is important to understand that using morals happens in many ways. These can be used to build and improve patience, tolerance and faith.


There is another aspect of choosing the story that needs to be understood. Let us take example of the famous story the rabbit and the tortoise. The moral of that story is “slow and steady wins the race”. If you use this story in the anger/stress management or for that matter of any purpose of corporate employees they probably would not be able to relate with what you have to say. They will not be able to understand the concept of being, “slow and steady”. The corporate world is all about grabbing the first available opportunity and making the best out of it.

Next, we should discuss about learning morals from people who have practiced in their life. This can be done by reading about life of certain celebrities. But the best way to actually know is by finding people around you who have done it, especially our parents.

Morals, as part of self growth procedures, can happen every single day. It revolves around taking each day at a time.

Morals practiced by a person are used as a dimension to assess character of a person. That is the reason why HR departments ask relevant hypothetical questions during job interviews.

In this harsh and cut throat competition, our decision making is gradually taking a toll on the ethics. By making an attempt to lead a life of morals and using it as the base of self growth, we are actually contributing something good to the society. Seems like an additional bonus.

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