What is Self Development

Self-Development is a responsibility with commitment. It is a responsibility that one takes for oneself and it is the greatest responsibilities of all. How you respond to other responsibilities can be clearly analyzed by knowing how you are managing this responsibility. Self-development takes care of how one curbs and molds himself as a human being, as a home maker or a career oriented person.

Self development involves assessing ones strengths and weaknesses. It includes making your strengths your assets and working on your weakness to over come them. It is impossible for any human being to be perfect. But if tried whole heartedly, it is not impossible to reach close. The idea is to gain complete control over oneself in order to be able to reach your goals.

To begin with, be clear about your objectives. If you know what you have to achieve, you will find yourself in a better situation to chalk out your path ahead. Define your goals for each of your objectives. To work towards these goals, always be a learner. Upgrade yourself with knowledge, information, skills whatever will be required to achieve what you have targeted.

Be sure to monitor yourself strictly. Since you are taking total responsibility of the person you are, given any socio-cultural environment, you have to be sure about the characteristic and skills you exhibit. For e.g. to be a good manager, you should know your job well, you should thrive to have complete knowledge about the company’s business. You should be in a position to know and understand the entire working team especially the staff you have to work in close association with. To be able to get a particular standard of work from your team, you should be able to set yourself as an example for them to follow. Which means you have to be strict about your own code of conduct and deliverables before you begin to expect equally good returns from the team.

Managing your time well is something that can do wonders in helping you organize the chaos in your life and is an important segment of self development. If you are intelligent enough and determined you will know how to make the most out of the time you have during a day. Done smartly, you will always have time for everything you plan. But remember never to over burden yourself. Plan out your daily tasks wisely. Divide them over a period of time. Always remember to have short relaxing breaks for yourself in between your schedule.

When you have decided something, stick to it. Do not allow the laziness factor to take over. If you are able to achieve this you will find loads of energy for your entire day and are able to avoid the chaos that could have occurred had that job been ignored or postponed. Which means in a day you will have ample time for yourself, your family as well as for work. Thus self development will help you come out as a total achiever.