How to motivate oneself for healthy living

Health these days is a topic of discussion with everyone. The changing lifestyles have brought forth some health hazards such as heart diseases which have become a common thing to hear about. It has become extremely important for one to watch what they eat and what kind of a work out regime they follow day in and day out considering the kind of stress the body and mind has to go through. You have to prepare it each day to give in your best. An unhealthy body leads to an unhealthy mind which means that if you are not feeling good about yourself you will not be able to perform your best.

The days are getting tougher. You have a whole hectic day at work come back home, get house chores done, eat dinner and then all you think about it going back to sleep. At the end of the day you are so exhausted to even think about anything else. Since the time is less, you also prefer to order your food from outside frequently which means you are having food rich in fat and spices which you know is not good for health but tend to ignore this in the comfort of the moment. You are feeling guilty about what you are doing to yourself and do realize that it can deteriorate your health but do not have the motivation to take the situation in your control.

If this is the same situation with you, you need to try out a simple trick which can do you wonders.

  • Since you are already guilty about the ill you are doing to your health, remember it is going to effect your self-esteem as well. Start watching what you eat. Every time you remember the nutritional benefits you are getting from what you are eating, you will never eat wrong. Planning your meals in advance and keeping recipes simple can be helpful and time saving.
  • Consult a dietician. His guidance and suggestions can act as a further trigger for you to follow a strict diet and not deviate from it.
  • Involve your friend or partner into the same routine. Comparing and discussing with each other can never make you give away for the cheese burger every time you go to the fast food joint.
  • Reward yourself with your favorite food after every week of a strict diet.
  • Go for brisk walks. The freshness and energy that short walks give you is worth cherishing. It is a time for yourself and gives you an opportunity to think of new ideas with a fresh mind for work as well as home.
  • Try walking the short way to the market with your friend or family instead of going in a car. You are getting a chance to spend time with them in your busy schedule. It is worth it.
  • Every time you think of giving up, remember how revitalized this entire exercise left you in comparison to what you were going through earlier. You will never wish to give up.
  • More importantly, if you do all this, you are going to be setting an example for others to follow. This will bring to you a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.