How to motivate self at workplace ?

Self-motivation is a complex phenomenon involving a lot of variables to take into account. It is a diverse subject and has proved beneficial as a self driving technique for improving performance. It has proved significantly crucial for ones performance especially at the workplace.

To motivate an employee to achieve certain targets, all companies have various incentive plans which have been extremely successful over the year. They provide the employee with an aim to accomplish and provokes them to positively compete with their co-workers in improvising their performance even further. It is, however, interesting to learn that despite the incentive and motivational plans of an organization, not all employees are able to live up to the mark. They are unable the perform or even come close to the target expectations. The problem identified in such situations is the lack of self-motivation within the employee. He may be able to understand the incentives he will get entitled to if he meets or exceeds the target, but he may be lacking a self drive to motivate himself to give in that extra bit that is required to complete the job.

Self-motivation among the employees is not only important for the growth of the employee himself but is also a significant element for a company’s growth. Therefore, every time one feels lacking enthusiasm to complete a task, following points can come in useful:

  • Your contribution will lead to the growth of the company
  • You are a part of the company, the company’s growth means your growth
  • You are responsible for your work which will judge not only your performance but also the company’s as a whole
  • You will be awarded for all your endeavors

If there is a lack of self motivation amongst a larger number of employees in the company, it is a serious issue and should not be ignored. The reason for the lack of motivation can be addressed to by organizing a small workshop on self-motivation. This will help the employees revive their enthusiasm and get back into action.

Some tips that an employee can apply to himself to bring back that zest for work are:

  • If you are too worked up, take a break. Do something you enjoy more. This will help you revitalize your energy and getting back into a good performance mode.
  • If you are constantly feeling that your work is taking you no where, relax and evaluate. You could be caught up in a wrong job or it may be just a feeling that you have developed. If nothing else seems to work, speak to your boss. It is always a great tool as it can give you a very clear picture. You will feel better about yourself.
  • Anytime when you feel to be lacking the motivation to do any job, think of the results that it will bring to you. For e.g. each member of your team has been given the assignment of writing a proposal. You are lost and are not willing to take an initiative to clear your doubts. The only thing that is coming to your mind is to finish up the job fast irrespective of quality. Think again, you here may be losing out an opportunity to show your capabilities. Give in your best, clear out your doubts if you have any and produce a quality proposal that is best amongst all and watch the results come in. They will continually motivate you to perform even better in the future.
  • Be clear of your future goals. If your goals in the next two years tell you to reach a certain level in the company and to earn a certain amount, analyze how to work towards it. This mode of action will keep you constantly motivated in your work place and will never let you give up easily.