Importance of Self Motivation in a fast moving world

In a fast moving modern day world, where the competition is high and the time is less to manage so many tasks at hand it becomes highly important to drive oneself to accomplish tasks in a way that the goals are met and justice done to each of them. The idea is to realize the pleasure that is achieved on having the results of each task. Self-motivation is crucial in simple tasks as getting up early in the morning to work out and reach office in time. Lack of self motivation can hamper your entire routine, it can make you miss out on that work out which is very important for your health and make you late for work. Therefore, every single task in each sphere of your life requires self motivation for you to have the get-up and go attitude.

The inspiration to do a job needs to come from within. It is significant for one to enjoy the task at hand to be able to execute it effectively. However, it is important to know that all tasks at hand may not be enjoyable. There may a number of them which one does not enjoy. This is what is the most difficult part. One can have the desire to begin and complete a task that one enjoys but every task may not be enjoyable enough.

  • There can be jobs to be executed that an individual is not willing to do but can not be avoided as they are equally important.
  • There can also be a situation where one has been assigned to do a job that he/she lacks confidence in doing.

Self-motivation exercises can be fruitful in such a situation to drive oneself to perform the assignment to reach the target. One can motivate oneself to do a task by:

  • Thinking about the joy involved in the result
  • Realizing the negative aspects of avoiding the particular task
  • Giving incentives to self on completion of certain tasks
  • Believing in oneself

Take for e.g. your house’s laundry is waiting to be done. You have been avoiding doing it because you don’t enjoy the entire labor involved in it. But the task is important. Imagine if the task is not completed immediately the pile will go on rising and will eventually leave you with a huge bundle to wash up. You certainly don’t want that. Its also important to realize the feel good factor that you will have for yourself once you have administered the job and the clothes are clean and ready for your family to wear again. This will surely motivate you to go head-on with the task and finish it right away.

Similarly these techniques can also be applied while you are at your workplace. You have been assigned the job of conducting a client meeting for the first time. You are hesitant and not confident about the entire idea. You wish to refuse and ask someone else to take up this job. But though this is your first time, it is equally important for you to take the initiative and go for the meeting as it is your chance to prove your potential. It is crucial for a successful career and will open up a lot of opportunities for you in the years to come.

The world is changing and the demands are high. There can be many testing times when you will be required to come out of the cocoon of your comfort zone and experiment in order to adapt to the requirements of the evolving times. Self-motivation will always be effective when you find yourself lacking the will to move on and will always take you on a progressive path.