Motivation Tips for Weight Loss

You have been putting on weight and have been very concerned about it as well. Since you hate not being able to fit into your favorite trousers you feel extremely guilty about not doing anything about it. So you decide to start an exercise routine to cut down those extra pounds. You start enthusiastically, do it for a couple of days and then again give up. This clearly shows that you are not motivated enough to stick to what you had decided. Even though you are seriously concerned but you prefer to choose the comfortable way out than following a tough strenuous physical routine.

If this is the case with you, you will need some serious bucking up. You will have to find out the reasons that are not allowing you to stay with your determination and you will have to find methods to motivate yourself to fit back into your old trousers. There can be various means of self-motivation for loosing that extra weight.

  • Think about the benefits you will get if you exercise and loose weight. You will look good, it will enhance your self-esteem, will boost your self confidence. It will increase your energy, you will feel less lethargic. It will help you in keeping you heart healthy and your cholesterol under control and help you in fighting against a lot many more diseases.
  • If this still does not work, remember your favorite movie star. How fit he/ she looks and can carry off almost any kind of outfit.
  • In case you do not enjoy any one kind of workout, you can always choose from the many available options. You can join a gym, go for a brisk walk, go for jogging, and join yoga or an aerobics or a dance class which are all different ways of sweating out.
  • You can always ask your friends or family members to accompany you if you do not enjoy going alone. This will also help you in keeping your eyes off your watch and also help you in enjoying your exercise.
  • Prepare a small poster on the benefits of your work out and your goal. Put it at a convenient place in your room. Read it daily, it will keep you motivated.
  • If a strenuous work out seems too much to you right from the beginning, start with light workouts in the beginning for lesser durations which you can go on increasing slowly.

Besides the workout regime, always remember to eat healthy. To have the strong will to keep away from the fattening French fires, remember that eating this can ruin the entire effort that you have put in the form of exercise. Give your self small perks every time you are able to spend say around a week or ten days in determined exercising and diet control. Shop something nice for yourself or treat your self with your favorite food platter at the end of the week. Remember, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.