Self motivation is a key to self confidence and self esteem

Self confidence and self esteem are two things that a human being requires to lead a happy and successful life. It is self confidence that will help you in molding your life as you desire it to be rather than allowing others to take charge. A life full of self doubts can leave you totally helpless and dependant on others. Such a life can neither be happy not successful.

  • The first step to conquer your doubts is to develop a strong self-motivation; a motivation that will not only understand what you want from your life but will also never let you give up no matter what the situation is.
  • Avoid thinking negatively about yourself. ‘it was all luck’ or ‘it just happened accidently’ are sentences that are telling you that it is not your capability that has helped you achieve this, indirectly meaning that you lack the capability to do this on your own. Never let such thoughts rein your mind.
  • Always be optimistic about yourself. A well motivated person will always try again and again till he reaches his goal. Build that quality in yourself. Every time you achieve a small thing, you will feel your self-esteem and self-confidence shoot up.
  • Do not fear criticism. Take it positively. Remember no human is a perfect human. You are bound to make mistakes while you learn. But it no where says that you should give up after a few trials. Keep your spirits high. It is all in your hand to give yourself another chance.
  • Slow and steady wins the race. Try learning and doing things step by step. You might be slower than your companions or colleagues but remember that it is finally the quality that counts. Even if you could not be fast enough, your potential will always be appreciated. It will boost your confidence for doing any similar job in the future where you can even speedily execute it.
  • If you haven’t so far, set goals for yourself in whatever you do. Make short term and long term goals. Make sure to stick to them and accomplish them. Never postpone your short term goal, avoid words like ‘I am tired today, will do it tomorrow’ or ‘I have other important things to do, I can do this later’. If you have set a deadline for something for today try your level best to find time for it and finish it today itself. If you take it easy on yourself, you will end up finishing your long term goal way ahead of specified time. If you always stick to what you decide for yourself and are determined in achieving it, you will automatically increase your confidence in yourself as you will know your capability and capacity of accomplishing any task.
  • Be your own judge. Don’t allow other people to rule you. Don’t let others specify who you are and what you should do. Be motivated enough to over shadow what other people have to say about you. Think positive about yourself and always put in your best. Every time you prove some one wrong for disgracing you, you will find your self-esteem and self-confidence raised.