Skills to Stay Motivated under Stress

Staying motivated under stressful situation is tough and difficult to achieve. Even a highly motivated person finds it difficult to orient him when in stress. But giving up like this means you are losing out on a lot. If you do not keep your calm and give up on things, it means you are missing out on the opportunity to solve the situation at hand. You may be stressed out due to one thing and can ruin other things just because you are missing out on that motivation to deal with the job.

Under a stressful situation, it is ideal to maintain your calm. It will help you in staying focused and dealing with the stressful situation.

  • Keep your vision clear. Way before motivating oneself, it is important to handle the stress, i.e. get rid of it.
  • Be optimistic. Think about things that can get your mind off the stress and can ease it.
  • Recall the things that keep you well driven towards your goals.
  • Identify the risk you are taking by not being self motivated and not taking the job seriously.
  • Learn to keep your thoughts under control. They are your key driving force and act strongly on your mind.

The targets and aim of a company can at times be too strict and pressurizing that it is quite normal for any employee to feel tensed and pressurized. Many tend to postpone the job as long as possible just because handling it stresses them out remembering the targets every time they try to execute it. Others, out of worry and tension at times end up spoiling a target almost achieved. A wise employee should always understand that targets are a part and parcel of any job. If you plan to change your job fearing the targets you need to meet, it might be a wrong decision. Even if the set of targets may change, they are always there. Don’t take targets negatively. Be enthusiastic about them. Take them as a ladder to success. The path may be difficult but keep the stress aside and keep your concentration on the goal given to you as well as your career goals. This is the best trick to motivating oneself in such a situation.

  • Never take up the entire job all together. Break it up into small sections and work on each section one at a time. The work will be fun and every section completed will motivate you for the next section.
  • If possible listen to music while you are working. It is an easy way to manage stress. It relaxes the brain.
  • Take small breaks while you are working. Try incorporating things in the break which you feel you love to do but never find time to. For e.g. catch up with a friend on phone, or read a book chapter by chapter.
  • Pamper yourself after every little target completed. For e.g. if your target was to make hundred calls in four days, you have achieved over twenty five in one day have your favorite burger today for lunch.

Work done in this way will never feel like a burden and keep you motivated whatever the situation be.