What is Self Motivation ?

Motivation technically refers to means to direct ones energy and will towards attainment of a certain goal. This motivation can be self driven or driven through other individuals and defined procedures. The art of getting oneself motivated to reach a target is known as self motivation. More than the motivation given to one by other individuals or any procedures, the ideal way to motivation is self motivation which means motivating oneself to accomplish a certain sets of goals. Self motivation derives from the theory of converting the pain involved in completing a job to pleasure.

It is interesting to learn how self motivation is the key driver for doing every bit of work that you do whether at work or at home. Consider that you have a set of ten e-mails that you need to send every day to promote your company’s products and the more you can do each day the better. You can send out just the assigned set of ten e-mails or you can have a motivation to send out more than that. The self motivation here comes from realizing the benefit that the company can enjoy from your deliverables. You here have been driven by the pleasure involved in witnessing your company grow due to your performance because you consider yourself a part of the company and feel responsible towards its growth.

Therefore, in every little thing that one does there is a sense of pleasure involved, it just depends on your perspective towards it. An important thing to be mentioned here is that self motivation often depends on:

  • Results obtained previously when a similar task was executed.
  • How you fared yourself in a series of tasks where one leads to the other.

If you know that your increased number of mails per day is adding up considerably to the business that the company is doing, you will always be self-motivated to continue bettering your performance. In the second case if you have a task at hand that has many steps involved you will be automatically motivated to efficiently execute the next step if you enjoyed success in the previous one. For e.g. you have to organize an event which involves steps such as firstly planning, promotions, registrations and finally execution. If everything here has worked out fine right from day one, you will always be self motivated to take up the next thing equally enthusiastically.

Another aspect can however be when one has witnessed failure previously, the art of self-motivation plays a crucial role here. In such a situation one will have to continuously motivate oneself to take up and execute the task with complete optimism and enthusiasm so as to not only seek pleasure in the final results but also find pleasure while executing it.

Thus, it is right to state that self-motivation is a constant need for every individual. However, the means and modes or attaining self-motivation may vary from individual to individual. They depend largely on age and characteristics of a person. The root for each of them would lie in the enjoyment experienced in performing the task. It is also important to always keep in mind how pleasurable the results will be.