Personal life coaching and its role in stress management

It is quite interesting to know how personal life coaching can be applied for so many different fields. Since we all agree that the growing competition has made our lives extremely stressful, it is a relief to know that life coaching as a practice exists to help us out of it.


Life coaching is neither a science nor a therapy. It is an interesting process that helps you in planning out a better future. The futuristic approach of the process enables you to analyze ways of managing things better well in advance.


Stress management is one area where life coaching is becoming extremely important. The level of stress that individuals face these days is incredibly high. Surprisingly even young children who should be enjoying their lives at this stage are suffering through some kind of stress or the other. Stress due to problems in relationships, stress to perform better and reach the top ranks in schools and colleges, stress to play better in your sport, stress to make fast and quick money are some forms and reasons of stress that people are fighting with.


Most of the times, if not always, stress is due to self set high standards of achievement. Rather than taking it easy on themselves, most people end up making things difficult for themselves. A personal life coach helps you rationalize your standards and goals with your capabilities. Though it is never inappropriate to set high standards to expect more from yourself or people around, it is always better to find the appropriate manner of doing so. It is always good to have high returns but overburdening should be avoided.


The personal life coaching process involves a detailed question answer session between the coach and the client. If you are a client, you will be required to tell every possible detail of the situation you are facing. Besides knowing about the problem situation, life coaches emphasize upon having a complete background about you which may involve your family, friends and other relevant people and places. This information helps the coach to understand the problem better rather than providing superficial solutions.


The coach then guides you in finding a solution within yourself as it is believed that to all problem areas a person is facing, a answer lies within him. The only reason why this solution does not surface is because of the complex environment the person is caught in or he is not confident enough to believe that he is thinking right.


A good life coach can help you win your battle against stress. Controlling stress is an important aspect of your performance. Stress in one area of your life can directly affect other parts of your life as well. Having a stressful time in family can also affect how you work and concentrate in your office. It is a very obvious observation that your performance without stress is anytime better than your performance when you are in stress. If you know to manage your stress levels, half the battle is won.


The patience of the life coach and his calm and composed attitude serve as a further inspiration for you to be motivated to fight your stress. A stress free life and a stress free world are always a better option to live with.

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