Personal Life Coaching Techniques

Personal life coaching has a very futuristic approach. While it is a process undertaken today, it helps in sorting out the future perspective of the person undertaking life coaching. Life coaching also known as personal coaching dwells around the personal development of the person.


The main objectives of life coaching involves helping the person in setting the future priorities right by providing a clear perspective. The technique involved is not pushing the person into believing or following something but to help raise the person towards self enlightenment. A sense of positive attitude is incorporated which motivates the person to think and behave optimistically. The life coach does not set unrealistic objectives for you. Instead, he works around your personality as a whole and helps you realize your own objectives and set your own targets.


Life coaching is a sensitive process. A thorough training and appropriate handling on the part of the life coach is very crucial. This is important because he is dealing with personality related issues.


Each step involved in the process is a technique in itself. The coach should be firstly a trained person who knows the principles and objectives of life coaching.


The next step involves a technique wherein the coach tries to understand the situation completely from various perspectives. Learning about the persons life as far as possible is important as it helps in unfolding the problem areas. Problems in one part of life can be the root cause of problems the person is facing in other parts as well. For example, if a person ends up in a major fight with a family member, his upset mood is likely to affect his relationship with his friends as he may be letting out his frustration on his social circle.


The coach should then be able to locate the real problem. Life related issues can often be complex enough to let the person understand the real problem. Problem identification technique which follows a question- answer session between the coach and the client helps in doing the same. Right identification is critical to uproot the true problem area.


The next technique involves regular sessions depending upon the client’s problem and needs. Sessions are conducted daily, weekly or fortnightly depending upon the requirement of the given situation. The coach often offers leverage to conduct these sessions in face-to-face meetings or even on phone as the client may just require to consult his coach in order to handle a given situation appropriately.


Some clients are also known to have hired a life coach for regular consulting in every step. This is often due to the complexity of work the client is involved in. Personal life coaching helps them in finding answers and solutions at times when they feel they are running short of ideas and suggestions. The coach never tries to suggest a particular action plan. His question answer technique helps the person in finding the answers within. The positive energy provided by the session helps the client in removing the clutter from his mind so that he is able to look at the situation with a clearer perspective. The positive attitude of the coach further inspires the client to give up the pessimistic approach and take up the path of optimism.

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