Time Management Tips for Freelancers

One of the biggest obstacles every freelancer has to fight is to introduce self discipline and work by keeping the clock in mind. They usually have to deal with procrastination because of the fact that they work from home, a comfy place which does not offer even the slightest of the pressure which an office going employee faces each day.


Make Schedule for the Day


Do not assume that you have a full day to finish a certain task or project. Make a schedule and stick to it. You can either make a sheet and stick it on your table or maintain a work dairy. Make your schedule a night before.


Prepare schedule of 8 to 10 working hours. If you are facing trouble following the schedule then reading below for more tips


Be Blunt with Friends and Family


Freelancers are usually taken for granted by the friends and family of the freelancers. Some may even mock at the freelancer because they do not go to the office and simply stick around the house.


They often ask the freelancer to complete house chores. They assume that since they are usually at home they can obviously manage to do them. Your friends may drop by anytime believing that you are a freelancer who can get work done afterwards.


Be blunt with them and let them know that you are still a working individual even if you do not leave for the office every morning. Let them know the time when you would get free. In order to balance life with family and friends try to work in day time, like other office goers, so as to have time for them.


Cut Time Spent on Internet Networking Sites


Do not open social networking sites during your working hours. A 5 minute online chat in between those 8 working hours will cost you a loss of 40 minutes. Hence, value each minute of your working time.


Focused Internet Research 


During internet surfing make sure that your search is always focused. Do not get glued to a website for more than 5 minutes. No matter how attractive the offers may seem on the airline or eBay advertisements, stick to your research.


Dangers of Procrastination


Get into the habit of getting the work done now. This attitude of finishing the work as soon as possible will help you deal with procrastination. You may even treat yourself on finishing the task in the targeted time. Self discipline is essentially needed to get rid of procrastination.


Self Motivation


You must feel that you are at work in order to improve your efficiency and use time appropriately. Be in contact with other freelancers and keep an eye on how much they are earning.


There are many online blogs on which freelancers share their ways of managing time and getting success at their work.


You may motivate yourself by keeping count of the money that you can earn after submitting your project. By submitting quality work on time to your client you are increasing your chances of getting more projects and getting raise in your payments.


Start working at the same time every morning. Get rid of the pajamas and wear something more formal. This will give you a feeling of working in an office.


Have Separate Working Area


A lot can change by changing the place that you choose to work at home. Avoid working in the bedroom, especially when you have a habit of dozing off while working. You may work in your drawing room.


If you are short of space then set up a table and chair in your room and use it only during working hours. Make sure that you do not sit with family members. Regular disturbance will affect your efficiency and productivity

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