Factors that Influence Personality Development

The choices that are made in life churn out the personality that we carry with us. It is a variable parameter which can be transformed or changed completely. The process of improving or transforming the personality is called personality development.

Those who follow this process regularly always remain on the path of self improvement. Let us understand the factors that influence personality development and why is it important.

There are many factors that affect development of a personality. Different phases of childhood; when we are introduced to the new world of strangers, the decisions that our parents take for us, the atmosphere at home and the way we are treated by those around us leave a significant impact on our mind and this builds a personality that we bear for a long time unless we consciously make an effort to make changes in it.


  • ParentingThe way a child is brought up predicts a lot about the kind of personality he/she will have. Now a days parents put children in preparatory schools at a very young age which helps them feel confident about themselves and hence helps in building their personality. Other sub-sections of parenting like making the child aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and helping them understand new things in life all contribute greatly.

  • Environment at HomeA disturbed childhood may cause development of an unpredictable personality. Either the child may show no faith in the institute of marriage, etc or he/she may feel an intense urge to have a happy family.

  • Self ImageThe way we feel about our self determines the self esteem and self confidence that we have. Everyone faces ups and downs in life but occurrence of such frequent episodes damage the faith that one hold in ones decision making ability and other assets. Damage to of the self image could cause a major blow to a positive personality.

  • Inner DesireAs long as one has an inner desire of remaining confidence and reflecting a powerful image, personality development will always remain part of one`s life even in the most adverse of the situations.
Knowing your Personality Type

It is important that you analyze your own personality type. Once you know your own personality type you can know what areas of your personality you need to work on. Is it your communication skills, your body language or your attitude towards life ?

Once you know about your personality type and as you start working to improve it, you will observe that it is producing a positive effect on your relationships, work and social life. Nevertheless, it will help you understand yourself.

True personality can be identified be the time one reaches early 30s. This is because during our 20s we are changing and adapting constantly.

Importance of a Powerful Personality

A person who reflects an image of authority, confidence and sensibility is said to have a powerful personality, in general. Success in every sphere of life is linked with the power of your personality.

How easily do you convince your boss? Are you an image of motivation and optimism in your social circle? Are you able to co-exist with others without losing your own unique attitude ?

A powerful personality can take you places. So, what is your waiting for? Get started now!