Family Influence and Personality Development

No matter how hard we try and how old we grow, we have to agree with the fact that role of family is the most significant when it comes to development of personality of an individual. Let us understand the methodology about how family influences personality development.

Role of Parents

Parents are the first humans the child is exposed to. For the, they are the first source of understand human behavior. Contrary to what many people believe that children do not really have a well developed brain, children are actually capable of observing closely and doing as they see. This explains why so many children mimic their parents and they would also ask for a reasoning why they cannot do something which the parents can do.

For example, a friend of mind smokes a lot. He has a 5 year old boy whom he saw taking out a cigarette the other day and trying to light it. Shocked at the attempt of the young boy, he started scolding him until the mother appeared on the scene. The child started crying and asked why it is acceptable for his father to smoke and acceptable for him to smoke?

A child may become exactly like who are or they may grow up to become someone exactly opposite to you.

Role of Siblings

There are endless types of chemistries that one can share with their siblings. For a younger brother, his elder sister could be motherly or friendly. She could also be strictly like an elder sister. Someone who is always interested in knowing what is he doing and where is he going.

But for those who are not blessed enough to have a healthy relationship with their siblings or the parents do not really value the blood relations that much. Some of the rare examples are being cheated or sexually abused by one`s sibling. This leaves the soul bruised for life.

Role of the Extended Family

Aunts, uncles and cousins may play a crucial role. Usually, the extended family is used for comparison. This means that there is comparison in term of education, wealth and lifestyle. It could be a constructive or a destructive influence. The extended family could be the first competitors in life, in one way or the other.

Importance of Family Vacations

Ever wondered what family vacations do to your personality? Vacations allow you to be available to your family exclusively. There is no escaping.

It allows one to observe people around us and deal with them accordingly. There is a possibility that two cousins who never got along well before become great friends during a vacation. Vacation, in a way, helps in improving communication skills.

Impact of Separation and Nuclear Families

They call it a win-win situation, but is it really? One of the most common advantages that we talk about when talking about benefits of living in a nuclear family is the independence that the individuals have.

Most of the newly wedded couples want to start their lives independently. They want to have a home of their own, where they could live without any interference from parents or the in-laws. But what the revolution of nuclear family has actually done in reducing significantly the ability of people to live with others.

When people were living in joint families, there was no escaping. People had to figure out ways of dealing with behavior of a certain family member that they did not like. This helped in dealing with expected people problems in the outside world.

With rise in demand of the personal space and diminishing desire of living with people, the scenario has taken a toll on patience, emotional intelligence and adjustment.

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