How to have a Powerful Personality

The influence of a powerful personality is incredible. Having a powerful personality is far superior a thing than being at a powerful designation. This explains that one can have a powerful personality even if one is not at a senior corporate position or possessor of great wealth. Let us get started with the basics of developing a powerful personality.

Importance of body language

Recently, I read an article about how intercourse is a secret weapon of a female Russian spy. One of the men who explained about how overpowering she is appears told the news reporters that there is something that grips you with the way she walks into the room. There is no way that one can take eyes off her, he added.

This type of impact is common with celebrities. They could be from different sections of societies. They could be political leaders, athletes, actors or writers. But most of them have one thing in common that they have a powerful personality which is capable of influencing people.

This sharp effect in the body language comes with strong self confidence and self esteem. One may debate on the fact that since these people has been successful in their careers it is far easier for them to walk with the air of pride. But, one can always practice being confident until it becomes a habit.

Believe what you say

The other day my friends and I were looking for a certain dance school. We had called the manager of the school and she had given direction to my American friend. Even after we searched the entire area, as per the guidelines of the manager, we could not find the place.

Despite of me telling my friend that the manager has no sense of giving the directions and we are lost in the middle of nowhere, she maintained that the manager gave her the right directions. It was only when I called the manager myself that she saw that it was hard to understand the way to the dance school. It is here that she understood that we wasted so much of time because of the manager.

“But the manager sounded so sure about it”. This is the exactly the point. She was convinced because a certain stranger sounded so sure about a certain thing. Later, when we met the manager she knew that it was her fault still she simply smiled and maintained “It was easy to find, I do not understand why it took you so long to reach here.”

See, no matter what happens, one needs to remain confident.

Dressing up

If you have not observed, there is a dress code for every section of the society. The personality of someone can be analyzed based on the type of clothes that one wears. Let us understand this by knowing that when a script writer is making a character sketch, one of the most important parts of this section is the way a character looks and dresses up. This defines the personality of a person.

For example, a house wife would dress up differently than a corporate woman. A street vendor would not really care of tucking his shirt in his pants but a dignitary would make sure that his tie is matching his shirt and pants. It is the cloths that you wear that give you the power to look influential and official.

Hence, make sure that you recognize the type of cloths that you need to wear as per your lifestyle.