Personality Development in Children

One common mistake that every parent makes while bringing up their child is by taking complete control of his/her life. True, they are but children and cannot do a lot of their own but there are some things for which parents need to lose the ropes for.

Nevertheless, it is the duty of the parents and the teachers to take control of only selective situations in their life. For everything else, encourage and motivate the child to understand the situation and make a decision.

This is what forms the foundation of personality development in children. It not just bring out the best in them must also helps in prevention of many psychological problems in children later in life.


  • Picking up from the ParentChildren pick most of their habits from their parents. You will need to motivate yourself to be a good person who is confident and strong in order to raise your child. All the swear words, putting finger in your nose, your body language and way of communication; everything needs to be polished. Look upon it as a chance to indulge in some self improvement.

  • Handling by the TeacherTeachers must keep a vigilant eye on the performance and behavior of the child. Any abrupt changes must be discussed with the parent. Teachers must recognize academic strengths and weaknesses of the child and help them make the best choices. This will put the child on the track of what they can become the best.

  • Role of Co-curricular ActivitiesCo-curricular activities, especially outside school help child socialize with other children. This gives them an opportunity to meet different types of personalities. At an early stage they will be able to identify their own personality. This will save them from the social shock that children usually face when they reach high school, college or when they start staying in a hostel; especially those who have been home schooled.

  • Studying in a Co-educational InstituteBeing comfortable with the opposite gender is another critical aspect of personality development in children. Studying in a co-educational institute helps the child understand equality of gender and the appropriate behavior need to be maintained in front of the other gender. This is the best way to help your child develop into a fine gentleman or a fine lady.
Why is Personality Development important at an Early Age

Because of the constant hike in competition in every sphere of life, every parent wants to give the best education and lifestyle to their child. The result is the children are being introduced to too many things at any given time with a purpose to give them an edge over the others.

This only allows a professional exposure to the children. Children need to be given their own free time to explore the world as it is. Allow them to play with other children, give them their own free time and ask what they would like to do in it. If parents go on making every decision for the children, the children may face serious decision making issues later in life.

Once they start speaking, start giving them options and ask them to make their choices. As a parent, obviously you need to make the child aware about the pros and cons of everything. This habit, if practiced since childhood, establishes a strong mindset, confident soul and an independent identity. All these qualities are essentially needed for the making of a powerful personality.

It is only at the early stage in life that the potent seeds of self respect, self esteem and self confidence can be sown in the mind of the child. The earlier they understand the way life functions, better will be their adaptability to every situation that they will encounter.