Simple Ways to Improve Your Personality

To have a great personality one first must have a strong individuality. Here are some basic ways to achieve it.

Talk and Listen

Being a good talker and a good listen forms the basis of being a good conversationalist. In order to do so, read as much as you can and read on variety of topic ranging from politics to sports.

Practice with your friends and family. Talk on different topic and listen to what they have to say about it. Participate in discussions held in your office or in collage.

Be a Thinker

It is important that you develop opinions of your own which are based on your thinking. The way that you look at things and form an opinion about it also helps you in personality development. People who have made it on the top in their lives have strong opinions which they hold on firmly to.

Many of us do thinking without even realizing about it. The trick is to do effective thinking. Let us take an example. Imagine that you are facing some major issues in your life. It could be something related to your office, your ambitions or your relationships. It is something that keeps your mind occupied and is cause of your irritation and upset mind frame. What would you do? You may either go on thinking about how big the trouble is and how you are the most unlucky person on the planet.

Another option is that you think of a way out. In both the cases, you are doing thinking but it is in the second case that you are doing effective thinking.

Socialize with Different People

Meeting different types of people not just help you excel the art of socializing but it also gives you a wider view of the world. It will help you understand that it is not right to judge people based on their caste, creed or ethnicity.

What is considered lucky in one community may be forbidden in another community.

Recognize your Assets and Weaknesses

It is important what people think about you but what you think about yourself is most important. Know about your strengths and weakness and find a way to make best use of them.

If you cannot do it then ask a friend of your to do critical analysis of your personality. Are you a confident person? Do you feel nervous in meeting new people? Write an essay on how are you as a person.

Respect others and yourself

Give respect and take respect. It is as simple as that. The higher is the position of a branch on a tree, the more it can be seen bending towards the ground, suggesting its humbleness. Likewise, no matter what position one reaches to one must always remain humble and respects others too.

Develop a Look

Fashion comes and goes but you must have a distinct dressing style of your own. That reflects your personality. A friend of mine who has taken over as a branch manager at the age of 24 once said that on days that he wears formal attire he feels more confident. Another friend suggested that since she is a young script writer she dresses up a little conservatively so that people take her work seriously and do not judge her by her looks. For the same she wears a thick pair of spectacles.

We all know about the power of dressing. So, go ahead and set your style.