Spiritual Development for Your Personality

An often ignored aspect of personality development is spiritual development. However with changing lifestyles and increased stress levels, more and more people are moving towards spiritual development. Spiritual development includes spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, fasting, studying and following religious scriptures. Spiritual growth need not purely be religion based. Some people believe that connecting with the universe or even nature is also a way of spirituality. So how does spiritual development contribute to one’s personality ?

  • Personal growth: Following a religious/spiritual way of life encourages people to be a better person. Most religious/spiritual teaching propagates giving up bad habits and embracing the good ones. It also encourages looking at things positively and taking failure in stride. Following this has a constructive impact on life helping people to be open minded and hence encourages an individual’s personality to grow.
  • Stress buster: People who are spiritually inclined have been known to be better equipped to handle stress. There are two key reasons for this. Meditation and pray are great ways of keeping stress at bay. Regular meditation has been proven to prevent stress related health problems. Another important reason is because spiritually developed people do not focus all their attention on a single aspect. For example – career. Hence if they are faced with work related stress, their balanced life helps them handle the situation better. All of this also promotes a healthier lifestyle.
  • Controlled focus: Spirituality encourages people to keep their lifestyle simple and non-cluttered. This helps them focus on and manage various aspects of life such as career, family, friends etc. Moreover when they face failure or obstacles in one aspect, this healthy approach allows individuals to handle them better.
  • Contentment: People with a strong spiritual influence are content with their lives. Content and satisfied people perform better and work and often use their core talents best. It is quite common for people today feel that their lives have no meaning. Several of these people have turned to spirituality and have gotten rid of the feeling of discontentment.
  • Better team players: When individuals are deeply involved in spiritual or religious activities, they grow to respect and understand various religions and cultures. In today’s multicultural environments this is very important for team spirit and leadership. Be it a school or an office, respecting and understanding other cultures and religions helps people bond and work better.

How does one develop spirituality ? Look around for spiritual/religious groups in your neighborhood. Talk to the people concerned, attend a few meetings and see if what they propagate really matches your personal goals. This is important as a lot of people get carried away during the initial stages of joining a group and then realize this was not what they were looking for. Take your time in deciding if you want to be part of a group. It is also interesting to note that plenty of people are spiritual without being part of any groups. Daily meditation and maintaining a blog or journal to jot down your inner feelings are also simple ways to reach out to your spiritual side.