Public Speaking is Essential for Self-Development

Self-development is a process by which an individual seeks to improve himself both intrinsically as well as externally in his interactions with his peers. The importance of public speaking comes into the external sphere as it involves speech with an audience.

When a person addresses a group of people, all attention is focussed on him and his speech. This lends a certain amount of importance to the speaker thereby making him feel important. Public speaking helps self-development as it increases self-confidence. The ability to speak in public is an aptitude that stems from being confident about oneself.

Public speaking is thus an integral part of any self-development procedure. Amongst children and young adults, their school/college years teach them how to interact in a group of people, to address a gathering from the podium, participate in elocution and dramatics- all of which lend a hand in building a person’s confidence in front of an audience. A person develops along a path of self-confidence and self-esteem, both of which emerge from the ability to speak in public.

Public speaking is not just about a command of language or the ability to speak to an audience. It goes much deeper in its role towards self-development. Public speaking helps a person handle tough situations and extricate himself from it. Many a time, during a public speech, there is opposition from some members of the audience who question the speaker’s ability or knowledge of the topic. Some audiences can even turn nasty and berate the speaker. Such occasions necessitate a maturity in the speaker to handle rough situations and exit unscathed. He needs to handle the audience by answering to the best of his ability and, at no stage, can he divulge that he is unprepared.

Individuals, who have had unpleasant public speaking experiences previously, tend to get de-motivated and develop a fear of public speaking. Such fear is detrimental to self-development as it is a form of cowardice – the fear of facing an audience and being questioned or reprimanded by them. Overcoming these fears and apprehensions are necessary and should be done in an effort to develop oneself. Building confidence is an important aspect of self-development. Criticism is not the end of the world but should be considered a reason to strengthen oneself intellectually and emotionally.

Formal courses in self-development are formulated with public speech as a corner stone. It is an integral part of all personality development programs. Many sessions are conducted on a theoretical and practical basis wherein over the course, the participants build on their ability to speak in public.

Successful people in all occupations have followed a path of personality development that has resulted from self-development. These people have been able to stand up in public, command an audience, as well as deliver their opinions. This does not mean that they do not have any fears of public speaking but that their fears are minimal and their confidence overpowers the fears!

Thus, it becomes essential to learn and develop the art of public speaking and consider it important for self-development. A person who is confident about himself can handle any situation that the world throws at him.

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