How to Gain Self Respect ?

Man’s life is a quest, a struggle to gain self respect. Self respect is the highest degree of contentment which has no alternate therapy. But earning respect is not an easy job to be accomplished. There is always a battle to be fought in order to be victorious. We need to put real effort to gain self respect in life. Self awareness, self knowledge, self acceptance, and self discipline are the four milestones for developing self respect in life.

Self awareness is the discovery of our inner self, the understanding of the self worth which is an essential element of self respect. Self awareness means self knowledge; we need to speak to our inner soul to know our rights and responsibilities, principles and ethics, achievements and failures, goals and objectives along with our merits and demerits. Self awareness is a mission and once we accomplish it we get awakened and enlightened knowing our real soul which is pure and genuine. Self awareness leads to self knowledge which is an authentic experience of our inner self. Self knowledge is a person’s own asset; it is the dignity which one holds for himself. Every individual is blessed with certain qualities and our self knowledge makes us aware about those talents and these assist us to realize our strengths and weaknesses, potentials and drawbacks. A true knowledge about our own-selves enables us to have a control over our actions and emotions. Self knowledge helps us to resist the ruthless prosecution of any unwanted situation in life.

Self acceptance means giving value to our individuality, accepting us the way we are. As human beings we all are granted with some values which are different from the rest. The uniqueness of human life lies in its characters, traits, actions and performances. Self acceptance is the final verdict of the true seeker in finding out the basic reality of human life. We were never born to put and adjust our feet into someone else’s shoes. Self acceptance means adoring our life and being in love with our own individuality before anybody could recognize it. Self acceptance gives us the confidence to face all challenges in life; the application of this virtue eventually crowns us with self respect. Self discipline is the final input of self respect; self discipline means fixing our objectives and nurturing them throughout our lives. Self discipline indicates one’s approach and conduct towards life. In our lifetime we face miscellaneous situations when we tend to lose our self control and end up reacting violently. But our action and emotions are completely under control once we attain self discipline in life. Hence, self discipline forms the primary basis of individual self respect.

Meditation, perseverance and practice are the three attributes which collectively pave the way for our self respect. Meditation is a prayer, a desire to attain awareness in life. Meditation is the highest degree of experiencing the real essence of life, a deeper understanding of the inner self. Meditation makes us composed rather than scattered, it develops a positive self approach to see the brighter aspects of life. A positive outlook towards our life finally helps to develop self respect within our own-selves. Self respect requires determination or strong will power. Earning self respect is a continuous process and one needs to be really affirmative towards it. Finally, practice has no alternative. We cannot lose our self respect once we earn it. So, we need to practice all our good virtues deliberately in order to live a life with high self esteem.