Improve Self Respect through Mediation

Meditation means awareness, a man of meditation remains alert and watchful and acts differently. Meditation teaches us to live in reverence, with great respect and gratitude. It is the true search of human being to find out the inner call of the soul. It is an aesthetic feeling which not only leads us to silence but creates silence within the mind to realize the holiness of our soul; it is the bridge between us and our inner qualities which takes us to a journey of recognizing the reality of life.

A wise man truly celebrates his life and enjoys every moment of it which in turn gives him the feeling being contented Unlike life, our inner talents also blossom on a day to day basis; but, our mind being very conscious about the external social affairs become unable to detect our qualities in a proper manner. Ignorance is a mental stigma which creates a barrier in gaining self respect and one has to undergo a tough fight to come out of it. Meditation is an activity, a process of training our mind to observe our soul and to have control on our senses.

Respect for ourselves can never be gained if we do not cut off all negative feelings from our life. Gaining self respect is a journey towards purifying the soul. We have to drop all violence and conflicts within us and have to rise in bliss. Fights and violence are some irregular qualities which create barrier for success in life. Hence, meditation helps to replace these negative influences with positive attitudes which help to attain a higher dignity in life. Self dignity or self pride is one of the significant qualities which transforms self diffidence into self confidence and brings inn fresh energy in life.

Developing self respect is not the job of a novice; it requires adequate self learning and self acceptance, we have to be honest and authentic towards our soul. Self acceptance is an art of accepting the self the way it is. We are not born to replicate others; rather, it is always advisable to adhere to the call of our inner soul. There exists a unique quality in all of us. We should strive to recognize and nurture the same until it becomes the most glorious possession of our life. This is what we understand by self acceptance which means understanding the fact about what and who we are.

The objective of meditation is to provide stability to our mind and purity to soul through constant retrospection of our moral self. Purity of the soul leads to spirituality which is the gradual discovery of the self and the last condition to develop self respect. Spirituality is a power to accept our own virtues and respect our whole being without any prejudice. Spirituality enlightens our soul and we get closer to our conscious mind which is the power house of all good qualities. With meditation and spirituality our enlightened souls attains the freedom to express ourselves to the fullest thereby we develop the habit of achieving greater self-respect.