Self Respect and Self Esteem

Let us sit back for a moment and think, “who we are”. Apparently the question is very easy but when it comes to reply the same, we grope for words. We Google our mind but cannot come up with an adequate answer. It is really absurd that average human being do not understand the meaning of their life and fail to realize the purpose of their existence. We actually lack the supremacy within us, which must have helped us to refine our thought process and sharpen our values system. Self respect and self esteem are the two integrated elements of life that together hold the ability to transform our value system and elucidate our life with the power of justice.

Self respect is our greatest asset; it is the true understanding of the self worth; an experience of being the supreme creature of the world. Self respect applies to self honor without waiting for none to approve. On the other hand, self esteem refers to our self consciousness; it applies to the knowledge about the ‘self’. Self esteem is the confidence that we have within the self. It associates with the goodness that we have in our soul, along with our perception about ourselves. Self esteem is our intelligence; it is a dynamic force through which we treat our emotions and practice our individuality. Self esteem is an in depth experience of the ‘self’ and it is an ability to motivate the thought process employing self knowledge, awareness, experience and self dignity. Self esteem is a movement in gaining meticulous knowledge about the ‘self’; it is a skill which lets us distinguish the truth behind every fact.

Human beings are bestowed with qualities in abundance, but unfortunately we often fail to recognize those talents and suffer from low self esteem. Low self esteem is a disease which invites self-deception to take away all prospects of life. Whereas, high self esteem is a psychosomatic phase of mind which creates zeal within the self to fight back the encroaching approaches of pessimism. Success is far reaching if we keep our head strong, thus, our self respect teaches us to remain modest and humble. Self respect draws individual guidelines to become an ethically good and morally responsible person. On the contrary, self esteem stimulates intra communication to ignite a higher level of self awareness.

Every man throughout his life strives for respect and recognition; and we give away maximum of our energies in achieving these two social appraisals. Social recognition is a transitory feeling which keeps on altering its base depending on the need of the hour. We cannot revolve ourselves to adjust with the circumstances every time to be in the good book of the society. Here comes the question for self contentment and individual happiness which can only be earned through self respect and self esteem. Self esteem is a realization of self superiority which determines what is good for us and is not; and self respect believes in nurturing the positive aspects of life to develop high moral standards and eradicating pessimistic influences which create hurdles in life. Hence, self respect without self esteem is jaundiced; self esteem without self respect is prejudiced.