Self Respect is Self Learning

Self ignorance is an evil; it is the devil’s follower. Self ignorance generates from our unawareness and leads us to the unknown zone of obscurity. Self learning is the only spirit to avoid such detrimental circumstances in life. However, self learning has never been a part of any curriculum. This is simply a mind task and no one till date has created any module on it. Self learning means knowing the self; which means, gaining knowledge through continuous experiments and assessment of the self.

Self respect is an aesthetic feeling; it doesn’t long for any external appraisal or appreciation. By birth we are the owner of certain potentials and good qualities. Our self respect acknowledges those virtues in order to make us more confident in life. It is our self respect which allows us to focus our mind on what is good and healthy for us and what we should never opt for. Our self respect is basically learning about what we posses in ourselves. It educates us in knowing what we are, our talents, culture, ethics and principles, capabilities and inabilities and an in depth view of all these aspects undoubtedly makes a man wise. A wise man is he who can laugh at his mistakes, learn from his previous experiences but remains balanced on his achievements. Such a man always knows what he deserves, thus nothing actually excites him and he never becomes apprehensive about anything. Therefore, self respect is a supreme power through which an ordinary man can becomes extra-ordinary. Self respect in other words is an ability of self learning; it teaches us to recognize our individuality; the reason for which we were born. It is an intangible desire but a beautiful gift which brings positive vibes into our lives; and this positivity is the key to individual happiness.

Self respect is self purification; meaning a cleansing of the soul. A man’s self consciousness is a journey to find out the spiritual side of him. Spirituality refers to the true ferret for a steady discovery of the soul. It is a virtue that introduces us with our conscience, our principles and our standards. Spirituality enables us to have a deep knowledge about our personal traits and recognize our talents and skills. This way we develop a feeling of love towards our own selves. Self love is an intense feeling, a deeper realization of the inner soul which in no case should wait for public appraisal. Self love inspires us to grow with our own intellectual and moral abilities. The more we get closer to our soul, the more we learn about the ‘self’; hence self learning and self respect share an indomitable relationship. An enhanced self respect and improved self learning creates the ultimate ecstasy, the final symphony of life.

Self learning is a powerful force which calls for a rebellion again any negativity in our soul. Hence, self learning is not a challenge; it’s an opportunity which only requires a gradual expansion of the thought process about our-selves and a true introduction of our self respect.