Self respect is the key to become a better person

Becoming a better person has nothing to do with the style statement, financial riches or with one’s occupation. It entirely depends on the ethics and values as well as the environment on which one nurtures his self respect and integrity. As human beings we are all bestowed with certain basic values and qualities but, a man of substance is always one step ahead of average human beings. They are generally the people who command a greater self esteem and respect for themselves. But one needs to exert real attempt in order to gain self respect and reach up to a high standard in life.

Self respect is the key to make ourselves better, bring self awareness and expand our horizons for social acceptance. Self respect helps to cultivate cheerfulness in us. Our mind will get expressions once we become capable of realizing ourselves in a better way; we become a better human being, a better individual to celebrate our journey of life. Self respect however, is not a ritual gesture, rather; it is an art of dignifying one’s individuality and possessions. It is a power within us to find out our potentials and develop the same. Self knowledge is a major substance of this art which brings self consciousness within our own-selves. Our inner soul or the real self is the manufacturer of all virtues and self consciousness which allows us to lend a patient ear towards our real self to be able to listen to our inner call.

Our self respect is our mentor who shows us the guidelines to become a morally better and emotionally enhanced person. The only condition is that we have to be willing to think about ourselves and have to asses our own conducts. Self respect gives self confidence which has more to do with our mental personality. We enhance our capabilities and develop our personality to earn a high level of dignity. The more we incorporate and inculcate self respect within ourselves the more we become humble and down to earth. High moral values and standards teach us to avoid temptations in life. Self respect leads us to self confidence. We stop worrying about unnecessary elements in life; in the process we become capable of controlling our thoughts and actions. This is a stage of absolute mental peace where we experience the ultimate relaxation, the symphony of life and find a better groomed soul within ourselves. The fundamental value of self respect thereby helps to gain respect and recognition from others.

Achieving higher level of self respect is not a layman’s job; it can never be a miracle, and needs a habit of self improvement and adequate self learning. It requires real quest to know the self, and courage to evaluate and criticize our own personality. A person with high self esteem eliminates all negative vibes from his life before these feelings could destroy all his good traits and emulates those habits which are positive in nature.

It requires discipline and real zeal to nurture self respect within ourselves. However, there is no guideline to teach how to attain self respect in order to become a morally good person. One has to create his own road map for achieving self respect in life. To summarize, self respect never results in a tangible product but it is obviously a positive action to develop our outlook towards life, which in turn brings appreciation and complete satisfaction for us.

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