Self Respect Leads to Self Discipline

Success requires talent, effort, willingness and moreover self discipline to receive it. Now, when we say ‘self discipline’, we really do not refer to timeliness. Self discipline is a quality, a habit or a practice to develop the art of living. Self discipline is the root of all virtues. To be morally free, to be more than a human being; man must be able to resist his instinctive impulses which can only be done by the continuous exercise of self control. Self respect generates self control which has more to do with morality which is the base of an individual’s character.

Self respect is the supreme power, a great art to raise above all disappointments, neglects and setbacks in life. Self respect is the ability to know our real self without any prejudice. Once we are able to understand out inner self we actually become conscious, we comprehend the inner meaning of human life. Self consciousness reveals to a man the divinity within him; strength, beauty, good, morality, sensitivity, and the eternal reality of his whole being. This a moral phase where we let our conscience to speak to us and uphold out virtues and degrade all vicious desires. Self respect helps to acknowledge the good habits in a human beings and stresses on the eradication of all evil practices in life. Self respect strengthens our will power and brings self discipline with a motive to control our emotions and desires and to bring success in life.

Self discipline is probably the most powerful gift of self respect. The seed of self respect develops a holistic power to subdue all our repressive and aggressive instincts and gradually teaches us to exercise control over our thoughts, speeches, and actions. We realize the urge to become a better human being; we understand the principles of self discipline and raise above all the dark desires and passions. Self discipline refuses all unnecessary confrontations in life and grows stronger with the realization of the authenticity of our soul.

We struggle for recognition; we give away our whole life to earn success but we hardly accomplish anything. This happens due to lack of conviction, discipline and execution of thoughts. Self respect teaches us to become a self critic and introduces us with the new school of self discipline. Once we grow up higher in terms of self respect, we realize and analyze our thoughts and actions. Self respect develops accuracy and discipline which commands self conduct. Therefore, self respect and self discipline are two integrated attributes of human life and have enormous advantages not only in accomplishing the objectives of life but also in bringing happiness in the personal front. Self discipline is an art to acknowledge what we perceive which makes our actions transparent. Whereas; self respect as an awakened sense should encourage tolerance, understanding and goodwill.

Therefore, self discipline is the art of resisting the temptations of life. How we discipline ourselves, how we control our emotions and how we manage situations are entirely dependent on how confident we are about ourselves and what idea we possess about ourselves. So, the higher the self esteem is, the stronger is the possibility for self discipline. Self respect is an attribute to motivate self discipline and continuous practice of self discipline is the gateway towards indomitable success and contentment in life.