Self Respect Teaches You to Respect Others

The pursuit for respect started long back with the development of human life and advancement of human thoughts and demands. Respect is one of the basic needs of human life. The word respect is well known to us but the meaning is different for different people. The respect which our parents demand from us is different from the kind of respect we demand from our colleagues, whereas; the definition of respect is completely different when we demand it from our society. However, respect in any form works as a feel good factor in our life.

Respect is undoubtedly the ultimate expectation that one can have from the other. When it comes to relationship, respect for each other is an integral element of building and nurturing a positive relationship. But we fail to respect others if we do not know how to respect our own selves. Respect is a virtue and not an influence, so if we have to give respect to somebody than we have to have respect for ourselves. In other words, the respect we give to others is the respect we keep for ourselves. However, self respect is not an agreement, it has no validity, and it’s a real bliss to become happy and contented with the self. Self respect is the supreme power to raise above all negativism in life. Honoring the self is possible with the continuous assessment of our plans and actions. Self respect gives us the confidence that we might be equal but second to none in our abilities and qualities. When we are confident about ourselves and have a realization about our inner self, then we can give value to other people and their individuality as well.

We have to live in reverence, with higher self respect and gratitude. A life without self respect is weary and empty and a sense of gratitude develops when we are able to give respect to others. Though respect follows no rule but there are certain parameters on which we can judge this quality. Respect can be defined through diverse attributes; conduct, value, ethics, feeling, interest and moral virtue. We can show respect to others only when we are bestowed with all these virtues. Self respect helps us to develop a positive image about ourselves and self optimism helps to gain a positive feeling about people when we meet them.

Respect is a tribute which you need to give others if you want to build up a healthy relationship. A person with high self esteem do not forget to give value to other’s opinion, they remain sensitive towards their emotions and compassionate to people’s feelings, and in no case would ridicule them. But respect is a thing which we cannot give to anybody unless we have it in us. So, we have to make a habit of developing our self respect first, therefore; we need to improve our self-respect a bit on a daily basis.

Self respect teaches us to become thankful towards our individuality and rejoice in the uniqueness that we possess. Self acceptance is the only thing which we have to foster to discover our own standards. Self acceptance means, accepting the reality of the self “the way we are”, and we can only offer respect to others once we are fully aware about our authenticity and place ourselves high in terms of our moral values and individual dignity.