Self Respect to develop Self Confidence

Self-confidence comes from the self-respect that we give to our inner feelings. Self respect is the positive belief that one has inside, which cannot be equated with feeling of being superior. It is something different from egoistic feeling of superiority. Self-respect helps in developing and inculcating self-confidence in oneself, in whatever circumstance a person can be in one’s life. That’s very important that one listens to the conscience, emulating one’s values and principles, and not always to do the things that others think to be right or wrong. Self-respect means to cultivate self-confidence, which is a direct bridge to achieving a great life. The best way to develop self-confidence is to be comfortable with what we are. Self-respect gives us self-confidence and the assurance that we are someone important in the world.

Lack of self-respect makes the person insecure which makes us strive to be someone that we don’t want to be, this way we lose the confidence that we have in our self. To develop self-confidence, a person has to have respect for oneself as well as others. One has to forget and forgive oneself and others for the mistakes done in the past. Creeping to the past mistakes makes the situations difficult in the present where the mind will always be occupied with the past and the mistakes committed, thereby making one more and more insecure, and day by day losing confidence in oneself. But one should not put oneself down.

Respect the way you are and the way you want to be but without the sense of pride because this type of self-respect, in addition with pride, is always negative which may create blunder in one’s life by putting one’s ego in the first place than other things. Jealousy is one of the hazardous things that decrease our self-confidence. Even if one is jealous, then one should turn it into something positive and strive to improve oneself. Constantly comparing oneself with others will make us lose our self-respect as we will be more interested in criticizing others than developing our self-respect. The best practice is to observe the good qualities that others have and try to practice those to develop our self-esteem and self-confidence.

We never like being criticized, but criticism should be taken positively, and if the criticism is justified, then we should try to change our attitude in that particular perspective. Taking criticism negatively, in a way, we lose our self-respect as well as self-confidence. One should respect one’s physical appearance. If we are negative about this particular perspective, then directly or indirectly, we lack in respecting our self. Personal appearance, physical fitness and dressing smartly give us self-confidence but at the same time we should be positive about ourselves. Be confident about what you are and how you are. Always keep an eye to eye contact, it gives the opposite to understand that you are confident about yourself and you automatically feel the same.

Sometime we get disappointed by the bad result that we get after all strenuous efforts that we have put in. But it should be always there in our mind that this is nature of life, where things may not turn in the way we want it to be and we should not blame our self or lose our confidence. That’s where one should have positive attitude towards life and never lose confidence.

Above all, self-confidence should be a long-term investment and never should get associated with emotional feelings. One should know that we love our self more than others, and then only our confidence will be developed more.