Self respect v/s self negligence

Self respect is a state of mind which is greatly influenced by self knowledge. Self respect helps us to focus our mind on a positive goal instead of an ambiguous fear of public demand and expectation. To be happy or being contented is our birth right and nobody can snatch it away from us. Our happiness or love for life will never be measured on public parameters. Therefore, self respect is self love, the acceptance of the self as the way we are. Self respect works as an escalator for life. Self respect teaches us to drop all should in terms of what we could do or what we should do. It teaches us to acknowledge our individuality; therefore, it is a true realization of the self worth.

Negativism generates when there is a crisis of self respect. Negativism is a feeling of being a worthless person, a hopeless fellow who cannot meet any expectation. The flow of negativism or pessimism creates self-pity which is leads to self negligence.  Past failures and personal weaknesses always dominate our mind to a great extant. Lack of self motivation and more concentration towards public reactions develop self diffidence which is an obstacle for personal happiness and success. Self negligence is the outcome of self comparison with the rest of the world.

All human beings are bestowed with some innate qualities. The purpose of human life is to search the reality of life, respect his whole being and perform his own duties without waiting for anybody to appreciate his endeavors. Self respect is the innate sense of self worth and a highly placed self respect can be a wonderful feeling, the greatest treasure of life. Self respect can never be build upon any transitory thing like name, fame or wealth. These can provide temporary support but will not last in long run. Self respect means self acceptance and self acceptance is the only driving force of all success in life.

Self respect is an integral part of self confidence whereas; self negligence is a negative force, an evil of life. Lack of confidence is a sign of low posed self esteem. Therefore, the barrier for success is never our surrounding or our incapability, rather our negative self esteem which stops us in everything and creates a hindrance in our life. Self negligence is a sin which affects our mind and health and can sabotage out life.


Integrity, honesty, self knowledge and self belief are the four corner-stone of self respect. If we start growing with all these qualities we end up knowing our own self in a better way which in turn helps us to boost self respect. Self respect transforms success from an intangible desire to a concrete feeling. This is a kind of self motivation which provokes us to take positive action for personal improvement. Self respect allows self acceptance to bring self motivation which is the secret of self confidence. Hence, self respect is the killer of the lack of confidence.

High self esteem is like a trump card for success in life; whereas negativism is the villain of life. The more we compare ourselves with others the more we feel dishonored and this gradually results in depression. Lack of self respect and more of negativism is the origin of all sorrow in life. So, its better not to wait for the feedback’s and then take actions rather it’s advisable to know the self, respect the potentials, rejuvenate confidence and grow with it.

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