Importance of Time Management

Time neither comes with a price tag nor is it free. It is a valuable resource which must be treated well.


Time management could be a little tricky. The tighter you try to hold on to the time, more quickly it tends to slip out of the hand. Additionally, the more liberal you become with it, more easily it slips out of the hand. So, what are you going to do? Are you going to let it get lost like this? Let us know why it is so important to value this precious resource.


Professional Success  

It is important to log into the office on time and leave by finishing the day`s work on time. Good utilization of time reflects discipline in your character and efficiency in your work.


Every organization has set working timings. Gone are the days when those who spent over time in office were appreciated. The hard work has been replaced by smart work and the one who finishes the given task in the minimum time span and with the best of the quality is highly appreciated.

Hence, you must know to divide your time at work accordingly as this is one of the major keys which help in opening the doors of success.


Avoid Facing the Guilt

Leaving today`s task on the next day, trying to live a 24/7 happening life or overworking; whatever be the reason but if you are unable to manage your time effectively then you may face some serious consequences.


For example, the stress that will build up due to lack of time management will lead to frustration and affect your productivity. You may not be able to handle your emotions and face relationship trouble. Common health issues like blood pressure, obesity and clinical depression could also get added in your troubles.

The guilt of “if only I had just some more time” is hard to deal with. Hence, one must take care of the issue before hand.


Justice to Priorities in Life

Once you recognize your priorities you can manage your time and vice versa. It goes both ways. I have a friend who is 20 years old and has no goal in her life, though she has a few things to take care of like going to college and taking dance classes regularly. But her haphazard lifestyle does not allow her to manage even these two things well. Her frequent night outs with friend makes her sleep till afternoon the day and so she is not able to attend college. If she goes to college then there is always a plan for the after-hours.

Likewise, a person working as an employee in a company needs to set his or her priorities right. Work is the priority but what about family, health and relationships?


A CEO of a very successful cold drink brand once very wisely explained that personal life is like a glass ball and work is like rubber ball. Other balls that are made of glass are family, health and spirit. While juggling all these balls together at any given time we must remember that if the rubber all falls off, it will bounce back. But, if any of the other balls fall off then they will break into pieces and there is no chance of repairing them.

The point is, we need to manage our so we can have a better, more satisfying a life.

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