Manage your Time without being a Robot

Most of the people become robotic while managing their time and this is where the essence of life is lost. One of the most fundamental reasons why people adopt time management is because they want to make the best of their life. So, by living a life tuned according to your wrist watch, is the motive of time management being achieved?

If you are someone looking forward to manage your time without following time frame like a robot, then read further.


Prioritize and observe yourself

Observe yourself going through a typical weekday. At the end of the day, note down the things that you found absolutely necessary to do. Try to analyze the things that you could have skipped. Accordingly, prioritize your daily routine.


Include Leisure in Life

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Switch “off” once you leave work. Leave behind the office politics, work stress, etc. Once the working hours are over, you should be able to think about to do in the evening.


Even if you are someone who is part of a 24*7 work culture you can definitely spare one hour on you. This “free” time will help you get refreshed. It even helps you to re-connect with yourself which itself is a self booster.


Don`t be a Multi-tasking Maniac

Multi-tasking is definitely cool but have you considered the darker side of it? It leaves one exhausted, both mentally and physically.

Do multi-tasking only if you have to. If it is not the need of the hour then try not to attempt it.


Take it Easy

Obviously, you are acting robotic because you know there is so much of work that needs to be done. You have to get up early to drop kids at school, reach office on time, deliver efficiently at work, deal with insurance agents, etc. But while hopping from one task to another, remain calm.


Instead of acting bizarre about all the things that you need to complete, you should try to be more calm and cordial with yourself. Take it easy.


There a Limit to Everything

Try to be realistic and understand that there is a limit to which you can work. Every company wants to make the best possible use of their employees but that does not mean that you can deliver around the clock.

The same is applicable for your personal and social life. You cannot be in touch and meet regularly everyone in your social circle. Also, you cannot take your spouse to dinner every day.

The concept of each day living to the fullest does not suggest that you have to do everything, everyday.


Analyze your Emotions

Whenever you get time, recall how you spent the last weekend. You could even write about a typical day at work. Once you are done with the writing, read it carefully. Does your writing reflect anything about your emotions or is it just an account of things that you did.

Let us take an example to make it understandable. Imagine that you had to go for a movie with your friends. It was a commitment you feel, and so you fulfilled it. Read carefully about how you narrate about it. Did you simply write, “My friends and I went for a movie” or “It was a good/bad movie. After that, we came back“. Or, do you express emotions such as having a good time with your pals?

Feel your emotions, be a human. Live your life.

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