Never give up

Our life is full of uncertainties. We never know the happiness which right now is floating around us whether would last long or not. Unexpected outcomes and surprises are part and parcel of our life. Modern world is overloaded with complexities both in personal and professional front. Some people are fortunate enough to become champions in every phase of life, but most of us suffer from continuous failure. Challenges in every field of life plays rudely with our dreams and we finally give up in the fear of failure.

However, surrendering the ‘self’ to the wanton power of failure will bring nothing more than self diffidence and frustration. Quitting can never be a solution to any problem rather it invites pessimism into our life to doom into the darkness of misery forgetting all prospects of life. We are human beings, the most powerful creatures on the earth; therefore, we are not supposed to be ruled by our destiny; rather we are here to write our own fortune. Unfortunately, man has not yet been able to discover any alternate force than continuous trials to face and fight the challenges of life.

The dream to get overnight success can be an illusion but can never be a reality of life. If we go through the success stories of all influential and unbeaten people across the globe we will find that strong determination and hard work have throughout been the secret of their success. What is more astonishing is that, they have gone through such adversities in life which we cannot even think off. We would definitely agree to the fact that most of us would have given up if we had to face such situations whereas; they kept their head strong and fought with their destiny for accomplishing their goals and objectives. Persistence and hopefulness towards life worked as key factors in alluring success into their life.

Perseverance is an essential element for enduring success in life. We will encounter barriers in every step that would stop us from growing. These obstacles can be financial difficulties, physical disabilities, personal encounters and public rejections. But we need to keep our determination strong to work through these obstructions and achieve success in the course of life.

Failure doesn’t mean enormous bad luck and success never depends upon our destiny. It is always pleasant to achieve success but we cannot forget the age old proverb, “no pain, no gain”. Therefore, we have to have a dream for which we need to commit ourselves and prepare to lead to the right direction. A positive outlook towards life helps to develop ourselves on a daily basis. We slowly and steadily grow up inside and our inner growth takes us towards fulfilling our goals and objectives.

Remember, our life is a God given gift and we need to decor it with all possible colors and flavors. Our dreams are our assets and in no case we would submit our aspirations to any negative force or unwanted situation. Therefore, we need to choose our destination, dream for it and achieve it with strong determination and an appetite for success.

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