Top 7 Ways to Stop Waste of Time

Most of the people who try to make an attempt to manage time confess that sometimes they cannot analyze where exactly is their time getting wasted. In our everyday life a minor or major portion of our time gets wasted. Let us understand the most common ways in which we tend to waste our time and how we can save time.


Keep a Check on You

Maintain an excel sheet of every hour that you spend in your day, especially at work. Entry in the excel sheet can be made at bedtime.

Quickly revive what you did from the time that you got up. You will be surprised to know how much time you spend on not-so-important issues. Keep updating this excel sheet for one month.

Do a critical self analysis of your time management skills. Compare it with the list of goals that you wish to achieve. Does the excel sheet reflect that you are working on the path of achieving your goals?


Stay Away from Gossip

Gossiping could be addictive. Blame it on your curiosity for that. Stay away from this habit if you wish to save your time.

Gossip never ends in one sentence. Once your curiosity is triggered you can be caught up in a useless discussion for more than “5 minutes”. It is good to be aware about what is going on around you but not at the cost of your working time.


Practice Quick Decision Making

In order to save your time, practice taking quick decisions based on facts and figures available. There is a difference between taking a quick decision and taking a hasty decision. A good decision will always bring a “win-win” situation for everyone involved.

Quick decision making is not just restricted to your office but it also involves making instant choices while shopping, picking a dress for the evening, cooking a meal, choosing the right school for your child or taking up a new insurance.


Talk Less Work More

The point is to get into action rather than getting into endless discussions. Whether it is your personal life or your professional life, no matter how complicated the situation is, always look for the solution rather than looking at the problem.


Keep Dressing Style Simple


Most of the people find it tough to decide what to wear. Here are some simple ways of saving time while dressing up. Categorize your wardrobe and keep different types of cloths on different shelves. Preferably, match your cloths and arrange them in advance on weekends so that there is no waste of time on the weekdays in matching the cloths.

To save time on dressing up, try to have a simple style that does not require much maintenance.


Cut Extra Entertainment from Life

Count the time you spend on watching television soaps or other form of entertainment. Ask yourself if you really want this much entertainment. Even if you do not have a deadline to meet and are looking for a way to have a nice time, try to spend it in a more fruitful way.


Be Practical and Rational

When emotions take a toll things can get a little out of control. Emotions, especially negative emotions, deplete mental and physical energy.

More time will be required to recover from this type of exhaustion. It will affect problem solving ability and decision making. Practice being practical and try to be rational in your approach.

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