Wear the right attitude

Success is half achieved if you have the ‘Right Attitude’ to chase it! When we say attitude we refer to the way a person thinks, his words, body language and his actions. In other words, attitude relates to one’s thought process and personal conducts in relation to certain situations. Success and attitude are like either sides of a coin; success without right attitude is hard to achieve and attitude without success is the biggest paradox of one’s life. But unfortunately, we speak much about success and less about attitude; and this is the reason why we often fail to achieve success when we had every possibility to grip it.

Man by nature desire to accomplish success in life. The term success has different meanings for different people; if some people consider high academic degrees as a parameter for success, then for others it’s only one’s social reputation that can be considered as success and there are people who identify monetary affluence as success. Whatever the meaning is, but success is hard to achieve if we do not have the right attitude to pursue it.

Our attitude determines our outlook towards life. A person with a positive mind-frame and right attitude looks into opportunities whereas; a man with negative attitude suffers from the fear of adversity. Therefore, right attitude is a decisive factor which definitely has an influential outcome. People with optimistic attitude keep faith on them and believes that they have the power to change their prevailing situation and turn it into an optimistic one. May it be a professional atmosphere or personal ground, a positive attitude always comes into public notice and receives appreciation everywhere. In this context we recollect the famous words of Kahlil Gibran, Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens”.

The end result of keeping a right attitude is always good. Attitude determines our way of thinking and how effectively we can take up challenges in life. Our attitude can be a carrier of our good qualities or can be a source of negative vibes which we carry within ourselves. Positive attitude reflects in our works and deeds and in our approaches toward life. On the contrary, jealousy, skepticism, fear, anger echoes our impulsive attitude which receives mass rejection. For example, person with a lesser qualification grabs a good job whereas; another candidate with high degrees and a bunch of professional certificates fails to qualify the interview. The difference is simply into their outlook towards their own self. Therefore, attitude becomes a determining factor in our professional life as well.

Our attitude is our manual guide which helps us to discover ourselves.  We can change our thought process only by changing our attitude towards life; and we can think of changing our attitude and conduct only when we have a definite idea about ourselves. A right attitude is a source of all positive energies and we easily end up achieving what we always wanted to accomplish. An optimistic attitude is contagious and we learn a lot from it but it is always advisable to carry one’s own attitude and mark one’s own signature.

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