Smart tips to Write Self-Affirmations

Self affirmations are the clear, positive statements which serve as the motivational factors for most of us. When a person believes in these statements without any doubt, they can actually help themselves turn their life around. It is not a very easy feat to accomplish, but not impossible one either.

Everyone should write their own self-affirmations rather than copying them from others. Every person knows themselves the best and no one can understand them better. Therefore, it is imperative that the person learns to explore their own characteristic features and it will help them to realize their potential. While writing self-affirmations is very personal matter, there are some tips that can work well in the process of making these statements. Some of such smart tips are discussed as below:

Goals: Writing these motivational statements becomes an up heal task if you do not know where to start from. So the first step will be to understand your own goals. Recognizing these goals is not an easy task and it begins with self evaluation. You will have to know the various factors that inspire you, strengthen your beliefs, and showcase your weakness. You will have to determine your goals in measurable and achievable terms and the hindrances associated with them. Accordingly, you can write the statements that can help you reach your goals.

Positivity: Optimism is the key to writing self affirmations. Every statement you write must be written in positive sense. Use positive words with which you can relate with. Avoiding the usage of negative words is important because they tend to give you a sense of denial which is not wanted. Every sentence should be able to keep you motivated in some way so that you do not wander off from the goals. Moreover, regular repetition of these sentences can help you feel more confident as you tend to believe in them. It also helps to strengthen your mental ability as you learn to visualize your goals with regular repetition.

Present Tense: While writing these sentences, care should be taken that you write them in present tense. Using present tense is recommended because it helps in actualizing the dreams that you seek. Present is the only time you have with yourself. While you cannot change the events of the past and have no control on the future other than anticipating, it is beneficial that you learn to work with your future. Moreover, writing in present tense impacts the mind better as it helps the mind to perceive the goals better and work on it.

Clarity: Clarity is important when writing these sentences. It is so because clear concrete statements help the mind to think more logically. It will help the mind to perceive them better and improve its acceptability factor. Clarity is essential because it boosts the imaginative power. As you read the statements everyday and repeat them, the faith in them will grow with time. The visualization of the goals becomes stronger and you can see their realization in your mind like a moving picture. It will ultimately turn them into reality.