Therapeutic Effects of Positive Self Affirmations on Chronic Back Ache

Chronic diseases tend to make our life almost impossible to get along with. Among the most common chronic diseases that ruin our peace, back ache gains the top rank. While people of all ages can encounter it, middle aged people who do sedentary work are mostly attacked by it.

A healthy body and a healthy mind is the desire of most individuals. While medications can seriously help to control ailments, the effect of positive affirmations can enhance this effect many folds. The process in which the affirmations can help in cure can be understood by getting to know its manner of operating.

Positive self affirmations are statements that you write for yourself. These are short, clear, positive statements that tend to remove hindrances and encourage people to stay in the course of their objectives. You will have to set the goal of removing the chronic backache and will have to believe that you can control the ache. Then you will need to understand the hindrances that are coming in your way or precisely the reasons for the backache. It may be anything from lack of exercise, wrong postures, overweight or some illness. Next you will have to follow the simple steps to enjoy its benefits.

Writing: When you know what are the different things that are holding you back, you will find it easy to write sentences. Write the sentence in positive words and short sentences. Begin the sentences with “I” or with your name as it will help you to relate with them. While you can write specific sentences to boost your healing such as “I am slim” or “I am losing weight”, you can also create a general persona with sentences like “I am healthy”.

Repeating: It is not enough to write the sentences, you will also have to repeat them regularly. You will have to believe in the sentences that you have written to unleash the therapeutic effect of the sentences. You will have to meditate and think of these sentences. Repeat the sentences daily if possible at least twice a day, and as you do this, believe in the words you are pronouncing. With increase in your belief, the mental ability will grow and you will be able to control the pain better.  It will also boost the effect of medication and the exercises. Other than this, these sentences can also help to change the various habits that lead to the backache.

Revaluating: As you practice the sentences, you will find that things tend to change. While you will agree with some of these sentences, you will avoid some. Then you will need to visit you objective and analyze theses sentences in light of it. Some may need to be altered so that each sentence reflects the confidence you have in the healing process. It is not an easy task that can be done within a specific time span. It takes time and constant effort.

Healing begins with mind and medications help the process. If you do not believe that you can control your back pain and gain control over your problem, you may never be able to overcome it. Hence, be sincere in your efforts and thoughts.

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