Improving Self Confidence through Spirituality

Everyone seeks stability in life. We humans are in constant endeavor to achieve stability in job, stability in relationships and most importantly financial stability. It gives us a sense of security and thus makes us feel that everything is all right. We feel confident with this sense of security and stability.

But there is no way that we could arrest this stability and feel secure forever. Every now and then we encounter circumstances which are not in our favor. What should be done about it? Should we lose our confidence in our self with lose of stability? Is that a fair way to live and face life?

We know that stability in life is a significant source of self confidence. When the stability turns into insecurities, we feel that something is missing and hence the levels of confidence start deteriorating. It is here that we need to find another source of confidence. This source should not be dependent on change in circumstances. This source is spirituality.

In order to understand the help of spirituality, it is important to first understand why and when it is important of take help of spirituality. Let us take an example here. There are different ways to handle different problems. The basic approach is to analyze the situation and find a way out. But, what if after doing all the efforts that you can do you find no solution? Probabably, you will change your approach towards that problem. What if you still are not able to gets things done?

This is the point where your faith in you self starts to deteriorate. This is also the point where the optimism starts slipping out like sand slips out of a hand. This is the point where you need to submit yourself to a higher power.

Lakhs of students give entrance exams for seeking admission in medical and engenearing colleges. Many of them study hard. But do all get a seat? No.

Not all the deserving students get into the best colleges. Should this stop them from excelling in the career they want to take up? No. all they need is to get into some good college and work hard, and leave the rest on time and fate.

Likewise, what does one do if even after so many years of trying his best a singer is not able to get a chance?  All one can do is go on doing the endeavors, results will follow.

There is a line in the holy book Bhagwad Geeta which says that a human must go on doing the actions and not worry about the results. The important thing to understand is that is not a skeptical approach. The idea is to not get caught in the desperation of getting things done.


This way you can carry yourself with confidence even if things are not being done in your favor. By doing this, one is able to get used to the unwanted circumstances and learn not to lose confidence in one self during the adverse conditions.

Can you make the sun stay up still night and let moon be visible in the day? Can you control the feeling of others? Scientists conduct experiments under controlled environments. Still there is always a possibility of errors.

Sometimes, things are just not in our hand. After all, by the the end of the day, we are but humans.

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