Role of Self Confidence in Relationships

Relationships make life livelier. Whether it is a parent-child relationship, lover’s relationship or friendship, it takes more than time, understanding and love to make the relationships last longer.

Self confidence is essentially required to perform well in all types of relationships. Read further to know more.


Self confidence allows you to take responsibility with enthusiasm. Taking up responsibilities and doing them well is like cheery on the cake.

Let us study a wider picture. A couple has been dating for more than 3 years and all seems to be working great. The woman wants to settle down but the man does not bring the topic of marriage. He may be unsure if he could take the responsibility of being a husband and a father.

Sooner or later, this may wreck the relationship between the two. Thus, it is important to be confident so that responsibilities can be performed.

Self Doubt and Doubting the Partner

People who do not have sufficient self confidence may doubt loyalty of their partner. Let us take an example of a beautiful young girl marrying a man twice her age. There is a possibility that due to lack of confidence in him due to ageing, etc he may doubt his wife dating someone young.

Financial problems, being patient of a chronic disease, differences in age group and professional success of only one partner all lead to a low self esteem which results in low self confidence.

Problems with Parenting

Being a parent you will need to appear bold and that is not possible unless you are a confident individual. Parents need to have a command over their children in order to impart discipline in them.

Lack of self respect and self esteem may inhibit a parent from taking full charge in performing their duty.

Initiating to Solve Problems

It is confidence that gives you the power to help solve problems in relationships. Most people avoid initiating a settlement because they feel that this may make them look weak.

How to Improve Self confidence in Relationships

The first point is to understand that you are having low self confidence. It is important to understand that you are not at fault. Look it as some skin injury which needs to be healed or else virus and bacteria can find a way into your body and cause serious infection.

Symptoms of low self confidence in relationships are easy to point at. If you are unable to speak your mind out because you find our partner, parent, child, etc more dominating a person then you are having low self confidence.

Another sign is trying to avoid a critical issue which needs to be looked at immediately in order to prevent argument. If you are unable to take a stand on your opinion despite of knowing that you are right then you could be having less self confidence.

In order to improve self confidence in relationships you will need to improve your self esteem and self respect.

You will need to sit down alone and find the root cause of your lack of self confidence in the relationship. How do you feel about yourself as a person? Do you consider yourself responsible for not being able to make the relationships work ?

Once the cause is caught it can be up-rooted with methods like practicing positive affirmations, doing self confidence building exercises and self realization.