Creative Thinking Exercises

Exercise is a technique which helps one in continuous revision of a particular skill thereby enabling them to permanently inherit it. The hectic work schedule and short deadlines often do not leave any space for creativity. When you have very short deadline to meet, you will realize that your only aim is to finish up the work as early as possible. You do not have time to put in any further effort to creatively enhance your output. Creativity comes about when you have a peace of mind and not when your mind is cluttered and pressurized with the work that has to be completed. A continuous repetition of this cycle can greatly affect the creative skills of a person.


A few exercises can help in sharpening the skills and in reviving the creativity that all human beings posses. These exercises enable individuals to see and evaluate things and situations from all possible angles.


Simple exercises may include providing the individuals with hypothetical problem situations. They can be asked to propose more than one solution to this problem. Emphasis should be laid on detailed description of each solution. This will help the individuals in finding different alternatives. Detailing will help them in getting fully engrossed in the situation and each aspect of the problem can be evaluated. It is interesting to see the outcome of such exercises. Some of them will have more detailed answers than the others. Some will come out with excellent and unique solutions that are hard to even imagine. The time provided for this imaginative exercise can be longer for the initial few trials. The time limit can be cut down gradually to understand and develop creative skills for contingencies. This is important as it is in the contingent situations that one finds a complete blockage of mind when the need for creative ideas is the most. A very good example for this can be cited in an army during a war. If the army officials are unable to provide effective solutions to attack the enemy well in time depending on the positioning and activity of the enemy, they will not only be risking the lives of their soldiers but also their land.


A quick and interesting exercise can be one where you produce an object or a picture before the group and encourage them to come out with interesting names or description. You will find that as the exercise progresses, you will begin to have even more creative outcomes.


Brainstorming and free wheeling is an exercise that encourages a positive group discussion to consolidate ideas generated from various mind. The exercise not only enables to find an effective solution but also involves each and every member in the team. The basis of this exercise lies in not judging any of the ideas but patiently listening to and accepting all ideas. This entire routine is headed by a leader who at the ends applies all ideas in various combinations to finally assemble the best possible solution for a given situation.


A constant effort of an individual should be a lot of reading. You can learn various new things and ideas when you read. It enhances your knowledge base and broadens your perspective. Reading comes in handy when you are finding solutions to problems. An inquisitive attitude and a constant research bent always keeps the mind active in generating new ideas.

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