Role of Creative Thinking in Corporate World

Creativity plays a far more significant role in the corporate world than many realize. It is the ability of an individual to think creatively that takes him to new heights. It opens various avenues for an individual to grow and prosper.


Creativity also gives the company an edge over its competitors. It is the creative thinking of an organization that sets it apart from the competition. Creativity for e.g. in the field of advertising helps in positioning a particular brand. The innovative advertising techniques of soft drinks such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola have set up specific brand images for each of them. Creativity can also be applied in means of packaging, i.e., presentation of the product. The first drinks and juices to be sold in tetra pack instead of a bottle caught up immediately in the market and developed a huge customer base.


Creativity also brings about the first mover advantage. In 1988 Sharp Corporation introduced the first commercial LCD television. It was first of its kind initiative and led to numerous brainstorming henceforth. Various other companies used their creativity and initiatives to try and test methods of improvising the models and producing used friendly and pocket friendly products. That one initiative take years back has revolutionized the television industry completely. The LCD televisions sales are on an all time high currently. They are the preferred option owing to light weight, sleek look and better picture quality. Creative minds of the companies are now working on developing 3-D televisions to have an edge over their competition.


In a corporate world, creative thinking is also used for solving various problems that are confronted every day. Creativity helps in shuffling and reshuffling the ideas in ones minds to form a conjugation of ideas that can be used in solving the present problem. At times when modern day medicines seem to fail old grandma’s therapies come in handy. The entire process of creative thinking helps one to evaluate all possible ideas by means of brainstorming to find a relevant proposition.


Creativity helps in realization of new projects. New projects aim at tinkling ones brains to get out of their comfort zones of repeatedly producing the same results over and over again. It promotes positive group discussions which is another significant mode of creativity. It is a method where an idea gets evaluated, discussed, combined with other ideas, modified, altered to finally get the end result.


The working process can be simplified greatly by utilizing this processes. Creativity helps in assessing the work methodology and finding quick solutions to solve the hurdles that one faces. Had it not been for creativity, organizations would have been stuck with the same old traditional manner of functioning and not evolving the way they have.


The ideas are a game of human mind. One may not even realize but a human brain at a single point of time is generating hundreds of ideas. Most of them just tend to come and go. It is therefore, important to take note of significant ideas as and when they come before they fade out of the mind. They will come in handy when need be. An open discussion with a colleague is a sensible way of realizing the relevance of your idea.

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