Self discipline helps in developing the ones personality

When we say ‘personality’ we do not refer to the way one dresses up or the kind of jewelry one showcases or which car brand he or she uses.  Personality has nothing to do with a brand name its rather more reliant on one’s behavior and attitude. Every time we come across a person we form a perception about him. Whether this perception would be positive or negative that totally depends upon the impression left by that individual. Therefore, personality is the sum total of one’s internal traits and external behavior.

An in depth study of personality reveals that it is more related with our psychological life; our mental makeup, emotional bent of mind and physical attributes which in total forms our character. The term ‘personality’ is derived out from the Latin word ‘persona’ which means ‘mask’. We wear ‘musk’ so that public can identify us from the rest and this way we try to form our own individuality. Everybody is an owner of his own personality which carries the essence of his individuality. When we speak we reveal our personality, when we walk our every step reflects that personality, moreover, our actions aptly describes our personality. We develop our personality not only to get acceptance but also to achieve better success and higher status in life. A good personality is a valuable asset for life; therefore, we constantly need to develop and nurture our personality in order to remain consistent in life.

Self discipline is the only skill to enhance our personality. A good personality gets acceptance, appreciation and popularity, whereas; a dull personality receives negligence, avoidance and disregard. A self disciplined personality is confident, optimistic, generous and always a good performer. On the contrary, an average or dull personality lacks confidence, suffers from pessimism and self pity. A self disciplined person takes the ownership of all successes and failures of life. Therefore, if we need to do something fruitful in our life then we have to discipline ourselves first. Disciplining the ‘self’ means gaining the knowledge about who we are and what we can achieve. Discipline is an ability which can be implemented and developed in the course of life.

Acceptance, hard work, will power, labor and determination are the five layers of self discipline. Self acceptance is a power to love the self the way it is. One can radiate the charm of his personality by accepting his inner qualities rather than grading him low in terms of his physical beauty. Self acceptance manifests the regularity of our behavior and consistency of our attitude. Hard work is an obsession towards doing better and better in life. Very few people in this world are ready to undergo real hard work in order to come up with flying colors. It requires discipline and strong command over life leaving no place at all for self diffidence or nervousness. Will power is the strong inner characteristic of a self disciplined person. Will power is the ability to strengthen the mind and control the ‘self’ which is a powerful trait of a positive personality. Labor and determination are the remaining two levels of self discipline which jointly brings conviction and forms the ability to accomplish the objectives of life.

Through self discipline we actually empower our soul; we end up developing our personality. Our personality thereby receives mass acceptance and applauses which is undoubtedly a reason for success.

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